Introduction: Wooden Cross Bow

a wooden cross bow that fires wooden kebab sticks 10m there is no trigger
u use yuor finger to hold it in place
i finisjed mine off with some duck tape over it to make it more confortable

Step 1: Equipment and Meterials

for this you will need
wood planks
sowing elastic
nail gun
staple gun
pen or pencil
wooden kebab sticks
measuring tape
wood glue

this is about all you need to make it
i did it in a week cause i did a bit here and there every day

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

main body: 19 inches long 2 inches wide x2
arms: 9 inches long 1 1/2 inches wide x2
arms 2: 4 inches long by 1 inch wide x2

top bit: 2 inches long by 2 cm wide


ammo bit
2 pieces 9 inchres long by 1 cm wide
1 piece 1 1/2 inches wide and 9 inches long

cut these out then youll have all you need to make the croosbow

Step 3: Assembling the Crossbow

Picture of Assembling the Crossbow

main body: take the 2 cut out body pieces and put wood glue on 1 side of 1 piece the put the glued faceon top of the other piece the use nail gun in four corners and thruogh the middle
the tape over it the put it aside to dry

arms: take 1 big arm and 1 small then put the small one on top of the big one at the edge and slant it so that the 1 conner of each is nearly touching and you have a slant L SHAPE the nail gun it and tape it then do the same for the remaining arms

cross bow: take 1 arm and put the untouching end when the corners are touching do same with other arm and the gap should form a v with 1 cm space for the ammo to go through

top bit: take that small piece and place it on top of the arms so that if you looked at it as if you were aiming there is a hole ( this small piece is there to keep the skewers in place so that when you fire they wont flip in air)
and nail gun it into place

ammo holster: turn the finished crossbow over and take the 2 strips of wood and place them starting from the start of the bow and nail them then the last remaining piece goes on top and nail it as weel

then finish off by doing any taping you havent done

string: get the sowing elastic and get a piece about 6 inches long as its original lengh ( you can vary with the size ) and take 1 end about 1 cm away and stretch it along the arm joint sideways and staple gun it the do same with other end and you now have a crossbow

i got my skewers from the tesc extra near denny and the elastic


nutsandbolts_64 (author)2010-02-11

 I made a slightly shorter (by 2 inches) crossbow made of paper which has the exact same range but is prone to unspectacular failure.

Modarius (author)2008-05-30

I have made this exact thing with my cousin. we where just messing around in a wood working shop and this is what we came up with. I think the only difference is that we used clothes pins as triggers.

I've made several toy crossbows using PVC pipes. Today I made one out of a 2x3" piece of pine that is approximately 3' long it has a leaf spring from a trailor for a prod and the string is the metal wires that are used to hold your bicycle tire on the rim. when I get a cam worth using I'll post some pics and instructions for a good trigger. May even post a vid of it shooting through a garbage can or something. have fun guys.

casvandegoor (author)2007-03-18

I`ve made my own designs, I like to show them:

gbosbiker (author)casvandegoor2008-01-19


1.first is the one with a wooden frame and an rubber band to create the power
2.this one has also a wooden frame but a normal string and the PVC pipe to create the power.
3. this is my simple pen cross-bow, not really effective but, 15 meters he flies surely.

I hope you like it!

hey could u atleast tell me wat u used for the trigger

a little hooked like iron slat.

do u no wer i can get one

nnnot really, it is just a piece of iron which we hooked with a saw.

ooo ok

gunmanx (author)casvandegoor2007-04-17

can u post the one in the second pic it looks tight

casvandegoor (author)gunmanx2007-04-21

maybe.... I`m sorry I can`t tell you now maybe later

gunmanx (author)casvandegoor2007-04-21

ok.. soo wat duz it fire real bolts?

plz tell me how u made the pen cross bow

OK: here it is!

paulm (author)casvandegoor2007-06-07

check out my corssbow instructible

nick-dawg (author)2007-12-23

that is awsome home digidy dog

blckthng (author)2007-11-26

Hey could have been neater, but does anyone know waht type of string would be best for a similar project. Also the 2nd crossbow made by oldschoolstructure is supasweet, i would love an .

claydude3001 (author)2007-07-04

check out my five minute crossbow...its awesome... you might be able to replace glue w/ gum or sumthin...and make it at skewl! dont get caught tho!!!

yellow elephant (author)2007-03-20

10 meters really aint that good. the pen bow goes farther than that.

yellow elephant (author)2007-03-15

the arms should bend, the string should be steel, it should have a trigger mechanism, should have a better bolt (arrow for uninteligent ppl) i mean come on a shishkabob stick! wil that even stick to anything?

lemonie (author)2007-01-14

This device looks weedy, 10m is not that impressive. I'd suggest some research into crossbow construction, the front spring is crucial, you are using elastic, this is wrong (and weak)

thanks man i agree it isnt impressive BUT the thing that counts the most is the experience AND that you are to learn from mistakes

The point with bows is that the 'spring' is in the bow, the elastic you use should be non-elastic. The right materials are not always easy to get hold of: spring steel, wood of the right kind, maybe synthetic composites. Best wishes L

Yukut (author)2007-02-01

The arms of the crossbow are supposed to bend. This will give it more power.

DiamondBack (author)2006-09-22

hey man, I mean no disrespect, because I have no idea how old you are, where your from (basing that, solely, on thespelling that was used), or how mechanically inclined you are - or, aren't - yeah, I can't finish this... everyone has to start somewhere, right?

it depends i suppose on what tools you have available, for this i ised wood blue for the body and a nail gun for the fiddly bits, oh an hinty hint im younger that 18

thingygoboom (author)2006-11-18

use a straw that the kebab scewer fits in and it shoot hellllllzaaaaaaaaamonkying straight seriously

bored boy (author)2006-10-26

pretty good

Jesus10555 (author)2006-10-01

I like the idea, ive been trying to make a bow, or cross bow for a while now, i actually just came back inside from trying to make one, i was unsuccessful because i ended up slicing myself and was dripping blood everywhere so i said Fuk this for now, and so here i am, my only concern is that a real bow that propulsion of your arrow is not within the string, but the bow, when the string is pulled back, and makes the wood/plastic/etc bend the tension of that is what makes the arrow go, not how stretchy the string is, just in case you didnt know.... and i know there are other bow instructables with stretchy string, but yours is just the one i ended up on. :)

projectile fanatic (author)2006-09-22

has anyone3 built it yet?

projectile fanatic (author)2006-07-19


austin (author)2006-07-18

you just upload images to your account then when you need to use them in the instuctable drag them to the step you need to use them in

projectile fanatic (author)2006-07-18

i dont know how to put them in and can i put them in without endangering my instructable

TheCheese9921 (author)2006-07-18


azn1stknightsoul (author)2006-07-18

Pics would be nice

Code128 (author)2006-07-18

Some pictures or sketches would really help. I'd like to see it!!

projectile fanatic (author)2006-07-18

this is my first instructable any questions please ask

projectile fanatic (author)2006-07-18

i added this instructable do yuo like it it is my first try

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