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this is my wooden crossbow(technically its a slingshot but it looks like a crossbow)
it fires about 70ft aimed up slightly
it can go into a 2x4 with a nail tipped crossbow bolt and it wont come back out
this is a good design that i like very much


TANK0FD00M (author)2014-07-12

how do you build it...

GeoffreyC5 (author)TANK0FD00M2015-11-22

I think every1 has to same question

DIYWEAPONS (author)2014-07-05

thanks a lot

justwilliambrown (author)2012-10-31

maybe a few instructions on how to make it. I like your design, but have no idea where to start.

Mitchell-ICT (author)2011-09-07

Can you make a picture when you push the trigger??

bwells2 (author)2011-08-24

Nicely done on the trigger, doesn't look too difficult!

l8nite (author)2011-07-18

very interesting design, I'd like to see more details on the trigger

the trigger just pushes the bungie cord off of the notch
its mainly just a broken peg
it works perfectly

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