Picture of wooden fortuneteller charms
I got the idea of star dust the movie and this is a miniature version and I'll make the full-size version soon.
you will need:
1)pen knife (or sharp knife)
2)a file (not a nail file)
3)an assortment of permanent pens of your choice ( I use black but you can do differently and I recommend sharpys )
4)3 peace's of 8cm long, 5mm wide and 3mm thick wood
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Step 1: Cuting

Picture of cuting
1)first we cut the wood at 3cm3mm

Step 2: More cuting

Picture of more cuting
2)next to save time measuring it again al-line the peace you just cut next to the other peace of wood and cut at its end to create an exact copy of it repeat for all the peace's of wood(the sixth peace is a spare so still work on it cos if you mess up you could need another and or if you loose one)

Step 3: Filing

Picture of filing
3)next get the file and file the edges to make them smooth but leave out the top and the bottom sides because you'll need them later

Step 4: Engraving

Picture of engraving
4)next get the sharp knife and engrave one side of each of the peace's of wood with symbols of your choice (I prefer zig-zag paterns in the middle and random lines at ether end ) but only one side leave the other side blank or you'll ruin it(make sure that the engravings are quite deep and not too wide because it will be important later)

Step 5: Colouring

Picture of colouring
5)now you are ready to colour them in with colours of your choice ( if your doing a dark colour thend dont colour the inside of the engravings cos you wont see them but if your using lighter colours then colour in the engravings with a dark colour black works best)