Wooden Hammer





Introduction: Wooden Hammer

this is the first wooden tool did by myself. the bolt was made with Taxus chinensis, the handle was made with bancanus and red wood. then finished with bee wax.

Step 1: Handle Made

adhere with titebond

Step 2: Handle Made

drill 5mm holes through it and then insert 5mm sticks for hard. sand with sandpaper, from 360 to 3000.

Step 3: Bolt Made

the coner of this block got broken, but i don't want to cut all of this face, so i cut a triangle then stick a small red wood.

Step 4: Last Step

now finish it.



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    You should make more and sell them

    I am pretty sure you can find good solution on woodprix page :)

    haha, great idea.


    Although it really looks too nice-- No-one would actually use it... :)

    Hello, just stumbled across your post. Very nice job on this hammer! Have you made any for sale yet by any chance? I would seriously buy one right now. I'm looking for something exactly like this and don't think I could make it quite like that. Also, I love the woods used and don't even know where I could get them? Let me know if you have any interest in making any for sale, and if so, how much you think you might charge. Thank you!

    hi, sorry for reply late, because I haven't got internet for a long time. And thank you can like my stuff. but I'm not sure the delivery fee maybe more than this thing.

    Perhaps you can make a hammer similar to Thor's and sell it :D

    you should paint it as the Mjölnir is would look nicer, great job though

    Seconded :)