Picture of wooden hammer
this is the first wooden tool did by myself. the bolt was made with Taxus chinensis, the handle was made with bancanus and red wood. then finished with bee wax.
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Step 1: Handle made

Picture of handle made
adhere with titebond

Step 2: Handle made

Picture of handle made
drill 5mm holes through it and then insert 5mm sticks for hard. sand with sandpaper, from 360 to 3000.

Step 3: Bolt made

Picture of bolt made
the coner of this block got broken, but i don't want to cut all of this face, so i cut a triangle then stick a small red wood.

Step 4: Last step

Picture of last step
now finish it.
darkrafts1 year ago
you should paint it as the Mjölnir is would look nicer, great job though
Seconded :)
And fourthed
OgorrTECH1 year ago
You should make more and sell them
steelsun (author)  OgorrTECH1 year ago
haha, great idea.
woodrook steelsun6 months ago

Hello, just stumbled across your post. Very nice job on this hammer! Have you made any for sale yet by any chance? I would seriously buy one right now. I'm looking for something exactly like this and don't think I could make it quite like that. Also, I love the woods used and don't even know where I could get them? Let me know if you have any interest in making any for sale, and if so, how much you think you might charge. Thank you!

steelsun (author)  woodrook5 months ago
hi, sorry for reply late, because I haven't got internet for a long time. And thank you can like my stuff. but I'm not sure the delivery fee maybe more than this thing.
The Oxcart1 year ago
Did you put something in the head to give it weight? Even with the size of the head it doesn't seem like there'd be enough weight to it.
Wheatridge1 year ago
Great Job steelson! Making a hammer was one of my first learning projects when I began on my lathe. The hammer I made twenty years ago still gets a workout. I like yours so much I am going to make one. I will more than likely use a maple block for the head, as your wood selections are not generally available in the US. Again, great job. Using the dowels to simulate rivets was a nice touch.
steelsun (author)  Wheatridge1 year ago
thanks wheatridge, maple i think is a good choice for the head.
PACW1 year ago
Oh my that is beautiful! It deserves to be used with care and respect but it shouldn't be hung on a wall to gather dust! Take a good picture of it to frame and then let it have a long and useful life - isn't that what we all want?
steelsun (author)  PACW1 year ago
yeah you are right, and it is valuable as a good tool not be hung on the wall
ArticAkita1 year ago
so nice & Beautiful!
It's too beautiful to use...
apccool1 year ago
Would make a great ice crushing hammer, a la
DelBelaire1 year ago
Very nice job making this.
egrishot1 year ago
Nice hammer. I like it.
thegreat581 year ago
Very nicely done.
azharz1 year ago
You can also name this as Thor's Hammer. It will popular it more.
wmrhoward1 year ago
Beautiful tools make more beautiful things, use it!
Nice : should be displayed in a window case though !!!
Nice : should be displayed in a window case though !!!
l8nite1 year ago
I guess this is to be used in a woodshop but it is almost to pretty to risk scaring
Can't imagine what a big strong mallet like this would have to be scared of...
HowGlidd1 year ago
yeah, I "wood" hate using it too! Its much too pretty... Nice mallet!
togo19191 year ago
Very Nice!

If I have to lose a fingernail, I hope it is from getting whacked by such a beautiful hammer!!
steelsun (author) 1 year ago
Thanks. And at first time I wanted to hang it on the wall, but it is used as a common tool since I really need a wooden hammer as well.
The chipped corner inlay actually does make a nice accent piece. Is this hammer going to be used or is it just a decorative piece to hang on the wall?