Wooden Match Laucher


Introduction: Wooden Match Laucher

A lauching pad for my wooden match rocket instructable.
By the way this thing can get hot and you may get burnt, you have been warned.

Step 1: Equipment

This is what you need;
a pen(just the plastic barrell thing)
thick wire
match box

Step 2: Bend the Wire

For this is used a metal coat-hanger.Bend it into the shape below.There's a few shots so you can get a better idea.

Step 3: Plastic Barrell

It's not the greatest picture ever but it's the only 1 I have.
Slide the pen thing down the wire and I put a peice of tin-foil down the tube to stop the rockets sliding further down it.

Step 4: Trival Add-on

You don't need to do this but if you're really afraid of getting burnt you ban do it.
Punch a hole in the side of a empty matchbox and use it to prop up the laucher.



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    hey bro, any more simple instructions. its rather tricky, im 14?

    3 replies

    dude, your 14 and you cant figure out how to do this?

    hey, how long does it take you to login?your name is so long!

    2 replies

    all of about 2 seconds...firefox's "remember password" function. I'm the only one really on this computer so I mite as well.

    I made a RPG style launcher for it, it is hard plastic so i hope it will be re-usable...

    2 replies

    what do you mean?

    A hand held version?

    I tried firing them by holding on to the bottom part of the wire so they took off from the back of y hand. Got quite a nasty burn after one didn't take off and popped in the launcher. Needless to say I didn't do that again =p

    I made one that is made a plastic barrel and i put a paper-clip inside to keep the rocket steady and up at the top of the barrel, it has two slits on each side of the tube to light, it will be sweet... me and my friend are going to make some rockets like that and launch them at stuff...

    why not just blow up the box of matches?

    yea but the only thing i can see wrong with that is the box catching fire and flareing the matches and if you made the rockets ,you'd have some of these things laying about

    That's not wrong, that's cool!

    I'm starting to also... it looks nearly identical to yours with superfluous additions... If the other instructable was "easier match rocket" this is truly "complicated match rocket launcher" -

    jesus christ,mine rockets dont have the bit of foil at the end like yours,so mine rockets require a different laucher

    nor do they required the extra bit of foil ;)

    So it doesn't work then?