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bow from your garden easy and no cost to make :D


Step 1: The Matierials!!!

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All you need is a big sharp knife.
A ball of string .
And mans best friend a stick!!

Step 2: The Stick!!!

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Mostly you need a straight bendy and thickish stick.
The one i used which grows in your garden is a privet stick,
they are bendy and strong and well the good properties for a bow.

make sure it is straight !
try to use a privet stick if u can.

Step 3: The Notches of Doom!!!

Picture of The Notches of Doom!!!

For the notches you use your big knife and cut a 90degree line into it ,then slope it off up out the stick.

Step 4: The String!!!

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All you need is nomral houshold string that you can get from ur cupboard in ur kitchen or garage or the shop for 90p BUT NO!!! KNITTING STRING BECAUSE ITS CRAP.

Measure the string to 4.5ft and tie loops at the end of it a normal loop would be fine but if you know the lassooo not it would be better as it tightens when pulled on and loosens when unpulled

This will be perfect for your 5 ft stick

Step 5: The Putting Toghetherness!!!

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Right all you need to do is put one end of the loops on one of the notches and turn it upside down
and put the other one on.

If the string is too loose or too tight undo one end and make it suitable for ur stick

Step 6: Arrows!!!

Picture of Arrows!!!

All you need to do is get a straight sitck about shoulder to hand length and sharpen one end and cut the other one so it is flat and place on your bow and fire

Step 7: Finished!

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Even though you have a bow it will only fire at the max a couple of yards like tops 50 yards
you can add flights if wanted or weights at the front to make it more stable and arch more easilly
but remeber safety first and have a good time

please tell me and others what you have done to make it more better and cooler.


in the middle ages to find the correct size bow you put your thumb on your head and the height from the tip of your thumb to the ground was the right height for your bow.

its not a bow unless the stick is flexible like bamboo for example. most people call their creations crossbows when all the power comes from an elastic.

Ballooner (author)paulm2011-08-19

Actually, a bow relies on more than just the wood. The string does need some give to it or it would break after a few shots. Also Bamboo may be a flexible wood but, it is more reliable to use a hard wood such as: oak, red wood, or hickory.
P.S. please forgive my bad punctuation.

HardCoreHacker (author)paulm2009-05-17

but that still isnt a crossbow

my bow did not have to be as long because i recurved it

and just 5 min ago it broke

Oh no!!!! Is it beyond repair?

yes, no mater how much i tape it up i predict the crack will spread and eventually split the bow length wise

So will you need a new piece of wood or are you going to leave it?

i have to make a new one

Well at least you know how to do it now so you can improve it aswell.

ya, don't use that type of wood

All you need is a hard wood with straight grain. Usually Oak, Hickory or Yew. I made a Red Wood bow several years ago and it still works. It has about a 50 pound pull so it is not that powerfully, I planed it too thin. The main thing is the grain DOES NOT RUN OUT. If you follow the wood grain for tip to tip on the bow and the grain does not go straight through the whole bow it will snap when you pull it back (not necessarily on the first pull). I had a bump on my head to prove that from my first attempt. Also you can glue a thin strip of flexible material on the backside ( the side away from you when you pull it) of the bow to help keep it from snapping. I used PVC vinyl.

Stonehopper (author)DrThunder2010-10-17

If you get some rawhide dog chews, the largest you can find, soak them for a while till you can untie them, you will have a fairly good size sheet of rawhide. This makes a very good backing for a bow and will increase the strength of the bow somewhat. Hide glue is usually the best thing to use to put it on there.

A traditional English Longbow is the Archers full height plus one hand thumb up; this measurement still stands, also the string length for the archers bow is one hand with thumb up shorter than the length of the bow giving the correct brace height. History: Law: Every man child from the age of 8 years must own his own longbow and two arrows, and practice for one hour after church on the local common or the 'butts' (exemptions to this law were priests and women)this law has not been repealed.

Oh! I didn't know that, very interesting. Thank you.

In the city of York, it is legal to murder a Scotsman within the ancient city walls, but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow. Another obscure law that has not been repealed, the list is endless..

It is because the government never looks back over things like that.

Very true, history is tomorrows future.. Philosophically...

lol yea i have made an instructable on how to make mini bows and arrows and shoots really well!!! link

actually i use a bow my hight plus 2 ft wich makes it 8 fit tall

georion (author)2010-10-11

privet,,,like in Privet Hedge??????????????????nothing says prople cant do ANY thinking for themselves!!!!!!!! also dont give up any day job when you havea hard time COPING a word?????!!!!!!! wat is a hunteo ??????????

Capt. Kidd (author)2010-08-26

umm... can i have some real pictures to prove that you actually did it?

phillyrocks (author)2010-08-17

does the knife have to be big or can you use a pocket knife, and what is a privet stick?

pantherlurks (author)2010-05-11

It looks like you've just begun, and you've done a good job as a beginner. I would suggest you add good pictures to support your text. The pictures need not always be your own. You see, pictures say a lot more than words. Wish you all the best.! :)

Veve Tech (author)2010-01-29

To be honest, it appears you didn't do the project yourself, or did not have the right camera. I would suggest better pictures.

nomadic bowman (author)2009-05-20

thats cool

hunteo (author)2008-11-11

wat is a pivick stik

14968870 (author)2007-11-06

an easy way to make fletches is to take duct tape or some other thick tape and stick one piece on top and one on bottom and seal them together then take some scissors and cut them to the shape u want

makeshiftninja (author)2007-07-29

dude sorry (meaning no offence intended) but any retard with half a mind could make this

master makedo (author)2007-02-25

guys i have updated it and i have made as good as possible as i could i have edited it and put better grammer on but sorry i carnt do real life pics

Vertigo666 (author)master makedo2007-02-28

YAY editing!

crestind (author)2007-02-24

Contains useful information, but the instructable could definitely use some more editing.

master makedo (author)2007-02-24

well i dont have a cam and its just make do and i think you can just get the jist of the pictures and what to do but thanks for the comment

Andrew546 (author)master makedo2007-02-24

there's a reason for the edit button. :-) Even paint has tools to create straight lines, smooth curves, and circles. If you insist on using paint, and least make use of its limited capabilities.

Andrew546 (author)Andrew5462007-02-24

that wasn't too hard. I'm also perplexed why you have typed text but hand drawn numbers. Are the number keys on your keyboard broken?

Kiteman (author)2007-02-24

A good idea, but you definitely need to invest in or borrow a digital camera and sort out your use of English. Punctuation is a wonderful, subtle tool. I think you're being optimist with "a couple of hundred yards", though. If I made one, I'd put a cork or a rubber ball on the end of the arrows and set up a target for the kids in the garden. It's a good activity for Cub camps; let them make their own bow and arrows and then hunt cut-out animal targets in the woods. Lots of "injun fun", but the worst that could happen (with a blunted arrow) would be bruises or a scared cat.

HamO (author)2007-02-24

master makedo? Hardly!!

jtobako (author)2007-02-24

step 1-type of string is important. nylon cord streaches, but is less likely to break. step 2-add how thick of a stick. tillering (making both ends bend evenly) would help, but would be an entire instructable (or book. or series of books) step 4-i always tie the second knot on the bow. come to think of it, i tie the first one on the bow as well. standard half-hitches, usualy three. step 6-cut a notch in the back of the arrow or you are going to loose the string off it. feathers made of duct tape work well for fletching. a few wraps of wire around the tip so that the tip is slightly heavier than the back (move the center of gravity/balance point a few inches forward of center)). photos proving that you actualy did it are always good : )

thejrb (author)2007-02-24

yeah definitely better pics and also "event though u have a bow it will only fire at the max a couple of hundred yards" i doubt this thing could shoot a couple hundred yards let alone 50 feet. and what about tightening the string?

Trans_Am (author)2007-02-24

I think if you wanted to improve this, you could take some real pictures, instead of using Paint. Or at least make some better pics in Paint. And using (mostly) proper grammar helps with ease of reading. Definitley capitalize your sentences.

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