Picture of wool jacket
This is a hand-sewn wool jacket structured to resemble magnified wool fibers: 100 microns: 1 inch. 

Wool creates a complex network of interlocking scaly fibers. At a macroscopic scale, these intricate systems of filaments manifest as flexible, durable surfaces, which provide insulation and circulation. While incredibly adaptive and forgiving, wool fibers have mechanical limits as well as memory.

After a series of material tests, I found that I could set up processes that would encourage the fibers to align themselves in different ways. I cut  wool into jagged spirals and then wrapped  the fabric into tight helixes. 

After creating a set of enlarged fibers, I played with how they interacted with one another. The surface scales of the fibers function as hooks; friction locks individual units into larger arrangements. These groupings are fairly rigid at the intersections, but highly flexible at all other points.

The Rambler2 years ago
I love the idea of exploring science and fashion together. Interesting, original, and beautiful. I'd love to be a fly on the wall to watch your process.
Oh wow! Love the close up of the fibers - they look perfect