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i wanted a butter fly knife my parents wouldent let me get one evin one that is not evin sharp or dulled down blade so i made one (it was suposed to be a switch blade

Step 1: Caution cautionn and the fliping mech

Picture of caution cautionn and the fliping mech
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this is a toy unless you sharpen it wich i do not recomend because sicne the blade can spin you might find yourself getting hurt and dont stab any one when it is sharpend because stabbing is baaaaad
on to the instructable
take the yellow conecter
2 white rods
3 grey clips
2 tan clips
pretty cool i made it easy some are cool but way to hard and i didnt have the right pices
This is amazing.
J_SCAP (author)  young skipper3 years ago
thanks... I see there have been a bunch of copies since I've been gone, but I do believe this is the original because last time I checked, it was this and the one with the real blade that were the only ones on here. Thanks for the kinds words.
factknowhow4 years ago
uh you spelled handle wrong everywhere
Metal4God8 years ago
this so cool
just like you..
i'm not cool
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is that cheeto on ur finger?
dorritos actually
thats exactly what i was pointing out, it is called being "sarcastic"..
1)wow whos a jerk here? hmmm U --- i 2) ur not cool for being mean 3)sweet gun/ butterfly knife J_SCAP
1 - <3 you too. 2 - I'm not mean, I'm honest. 3 - I cant change your opinion, so no comment on that.
Wow. You have nothing better to argue about? Be nice, both of you.
How unprovoked and uncalled for was THAT? Man...
Not unprovoked and not uncalled for.
So....what'd he do?
jakee1177 years ago
u could probably make a clip 4 it 2 stay open
r u being n00b 2? or r u just being "cool by t4ling w1th numb3r5?
mabey u should shut up now ...
Should I?
aka The Famous Switchblade...or just switch balde, usually used in gamgs back in the 60's
HA! No they weren't. They were used in GANGS.
its not fer i used to have loads of knexs
instruct0r7 years ago
just some possible advice- since ur parents wouldnt let u get one, tape a toothpic on it or something that way it serves some actual purpose in self defense. im not sure if u already did that, as i havent seen the whole instructable yet
that in not a good knife what is the point, i cant fight with it can i the rat
stevoIution7 years ago
Is there a simple way to give an instructable more than one negative rating?
jeliousy killed the cat .. i think it means the cat was jelious of the dead squirrel ;)
is there more than one way to tell you you suck?
Yeah, tell me that my only interests are knex and sleeping. Then state that I have no life...oh wait, that's your profile.
i'm just not energetic enough too add more interests ;)
We should stop talking here, we are taking attention away from how crappy this thing is.
hehe :P
J_SCAP (author) 8 years ago
chek me out
k nice but, if u think this is cool check out my assassins creed blade!!!


STOP SPAMMING!!! you can say that when (if) you post an instructable! The blade isn't cool if no one can make it!
hey, if you want every one to see the thing why dont you make the god-dang instructable!
"my gun, its awesome" ...
thebboy J_SCAP7 years ago
ok, you say your gunna post that katana but when. it looks sweet.
J_SCAP (author)  thebboy7 years ago
hey man sory but i have decided not to post the katana but its easy to make just atach abunch of red clips to grey peices and conect with orange conecters and walah your done all you have to do is make a handle using the same method and youre done easy as pie
thebboy J_SCAP7 years ago
KalphaK J_SCAP8 years ago
Ok ur stoned.
ur right
"ur" not
ok,whats that song!
J_SCAP (author)  knex hater hater8 years ago
rammstien sonne look for fuer frei, amerika, and if ur in to cky du hast
Danny J_SCAP8 years ago
hehe du du hast du hast mich du hast mich gefrat classic song
yea,i found that out from danny(lol)those are some nice songs tho.
Danny J_SCAP8 years ago
is that ramstein? (sp?) you should make instructtions for the cool tricks you can do
J_SCAP (author)  Danny8 years ago
thebboy7 years ago
hey is it ok if i post your katana and give you credit for it? i think i'm gunna build it soon.
oh god not the katana again
would you shut up? and now that i've built mepains sword, i'm really into sword's made out of knex
Ok dude, I understand, you like knex swords and i like knex knives. your'e not mad? are you? We cool? We cool? Yeah!
ya we cool
J_SCAP (author)  thebboy7 years ago
hey sure go ahead post the katana its easy to make but its kindof perminent so if you want to reuse the knex its kind of hard
thebboy J_SCAP7 years ago
mkay cool cuz i'm working on it now.
me with nunchuku, if i had some butterflys or get round to making some ill post.
but just as much skill and practice involved.
start young and develope your hand eye coOrdination that will stay with you all your life.
and look cool
cool that is maybe enuff to practice butterfly knife hand tricks and skill. i spent 3 years studying books learnt allsorts of cool hand tricks, showed my girlfreind and she had every trick and move perfected in 3 weeks :(
just looking at other comments. it not crapy. a closed mind knows every thing but understands nothing. takes a lot of practice and skill to develope good butterfly knife tricks. take no notice of the negative nellys get a book and the moves for your own enjoyment (has nothing to do with hurting enyone).
the history of the butterfly interesting too!!
stevoIution8 years ago
Yeah i thought you got banned too. How did you get back here?
You need another email address and... umm... oh wait that's it. I did need to perform some 1337 Haxxoring with a 1992 Apple Mac+ and a texas instruments TI calculator.
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Why would I have even the slightest interest in your email address? Congratulations on having anti spy too, you must be a big hit with the ladies. I'm sure you will rejoice for the three minutes it takes to create another account.
Hahaha. Stevolution, excellant sarcasm. Your comments always make me laugh! LOL
itd be easier to create a new account
YAY TI-84!
i thought you were banned!
3 Times and soon to be counting.
umm... how? whats the point of a knife that's a dull knex rod? sorry i just don't find that very usefull, cool maybe but not usefull.
you were banned!!!!!!!! no no it's impossible
yourface7 years ago
This is so awesome
jakee1177 years ago
im from maryland and butterfly knives are illegal hear sux! but not in peynsyvania
lewis 17 years ago
ur crazy lol but seriously thats alsummmm
i made mine with red rods for the handles and blade. It gives me more control over the "knife". Great knife btw!
J_SCAP (author)  skaterwhoowns7 years ago
why shank you (lol)
well, i also added an extendend balde and a latch for the bite side (just imagine if it had a real bite side XD!) but the handle was moddd and i might just post an instructables for it. (BTW my mods make it musch sturdier) ill definitly post!
bunduk8 years ago
hey j_scap check out my new forum topic that i made specialy for you!
bunduk8 years ago
i made one of these out of a lolly stick sellotape and a craft knife blade
Wicked118 years ago
~~woops i messed up with that~~
Wicked118 years ago
~~strike-through~~ hehehe latest comment
J_SCAP (author) 8 years ago
wow 6 days and all ready 1200+ hits oh yeah plus one more thing summerbreak + bordom + a pool in your back yard + an anarkist = boom
halo998 years ago
hay can you make it look like a real shotgun
J_SCAP (author)  halo998 years ago
its a knife
flames103918 years ago
sorry but i think that its pretty useless i mean the katana or whatever might be useful even as a blunt object but even if you shank someone with this, the rod will just come off. i built it and even the cool hand tricks didnt make up for it. you should post that katana or make some other things better luck next time
i shank u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smidge1478 years ago
i have found a use for it.....a gun un-jammer when your out on the field and you need to unjamm your gun asap :P
Tomtrocity8 years ago
this is quite silly and pretty stupid, whats the point because the "Knife" doesn't have one.
THIS IS SO COOL! I'm gonna make one of these only with legos
smidge1478 years ago
you could go jab some one with that!im gona build one:)
lol,i can poke someones eye out!
knexbldr8888 years ago
my bro has a real butterfly knife it's really cool
Danny8 years ago
how do u hold it/use it
hows this a switch blade, it doesn't seem thing it just flicks out
its a butter fly knife dude
I'm guessing J_SCAP meant to make a switchblade, failed and ended up with a balisong instead.
J_SCAP (author)  ryzellon8 years ago
that is because a real butterfly knife doesn't have a spring, Parts of a knife
Whaleman8 years ago
cool, i like the butterfly, specially since it has been banned in america
Not quite true. The national government has not banned it, but state/city laws might.
Here's a collection of state laws, but you're on your own for city laws.
Chances are, if you can find one at the local knife shop, no one is going to kick down your bedroom door and arrest you if you play with it quietly.
yeah because ive seen them at my walmart before they might be legal to own but illegal to carry on you person
Oh god, not legal stuff, it is always so repetitive and annoying, I am pretty sure i cant have a butterfly knife where I live
J_SCAP (author)  Whaleman8 years ago
......................... its fake.............................
Whaleman J_SCAP8 years ago
yours is, but not the real ones.
mikeasaurus8 years ago
come near, and I'll shank ye!
J_SCAP (author) 8 years ago
i am going to make a video soon and show it to all of you
cool! Someone at my school carries one of those!
bruce9118 years ago
Insteresting. Ist comment