Picture of working 'digg me' tshirt using the digg button kit
A working 'digg me' tshirt made using the digg button kit.

digg me

Step 1: Introduction/Inspirations

Picture of Introduction/Inspirations
I wanted a project that was related to digg, I can't exactly remember how I came up with a working 'digg me' tshirt, but it might have been while I was browsing the digg button kit and 'digg me' tshirt and I put two and two together.

Links to this project's inspiration:
digg me tshirt ( digg comments)
digg button kit ( digg comments)

It was noted that while writing this instructable digg user SnOwie mentioned he was working working on a shirt like this in the comments. This was purely coincidental; I would love to know how his is going.

I ordered the digg button kit from adafuit industries on the 30th June, so this project has taken approximately three and a half months to complete, working a few hours on the weekend.

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chatman5 years ago
its cool but seems like a waste of time
how about washing to t shirt ?
I would make the electronics removable (with Velcro). Then I would just remove the electronics before washing it. A simple and elegant solution.
raykholo xtank56 years ago
that is a good idea. However, i would use a series of headers to be able to easily connect/disconnect the pcb from the kit... other than that, the displays, resistors, and other components used should not be affected by water. if the board from the kit is sewed into the shirt, though, at least remove the microcontroller before washing.
remove batteries,hand wash(NO MACHINE WASH),dry to the point it is dry as your computer,install batteries,VOILA
thydzik (author)  Jr Hacking kid7 years ago
washing is the only problem, I don't wear it that often though. bit of Febreze maybe? :P
Kopolis7776 years ago
Do you really need the led displays? Can't you just use the digg kit display?
NVM i see why now.
Lego man6 years ago
I digg this
timmy1234s7 years ago
How do i build the circuit in Step 4!??!?!?!
thydzik (author)  timmy1234s7 years ago
the circuit in step 4 is just the digg button kit.

schematic available here
ll0ll7 years ago
anybody have a source of conduictive thread in the UK? I have a few ideas which require it, and cannot find it anywhere
thydzik (author)  ll0ll7 years ago
ll0ll thydzik7 years ago
thank you!
archammer7 years ago
really cool, just looks a bit complicated. you should try getting digg to sponsor you making and selling these shirts, id buy one
friggin awesome!anybody whos listening(technically reading)has got to try this
PamelaWeir7 years ago
This is awesome. Sadly, I'm the only one in my offline circle who would even understand the joke.
Could you re-program it to do other things as well? Or does the kit come pre-programmed?
thydzik (author)  Einsteins Circuitry7 years ago
The kit comes pre-programmed. but yes, you could re-program to do other things.
This is a really great project. :) I like how its interactive, plus its an amazing conversation starter. What happens when the number reaches 999? Resets? Do you really think it belongs in the DIY Halloween though?
thydzik (author)  ArtisticBabe7 years ago
Thanks! Whilst I have never actually had it past 999, I am assuming it would reset, or you would need to manually reset it by holding down the button (a feature of the dig button kit) About the Halloween group, whilst it could possibly be classified as a costume. I thought I would add it to the group anyway.
you're pretty cool if you get that many diggs tho ;]
This definitely belongs in the Halloween group. In that same spirit, I could see this making nerd-flirting even more fun as a 'hot or not' button. I really hope someone uses this idea!
LOL that was cool. man, i want one! good work.
ArtLizard7 years ago
Very COOL!
zuixro7 years ago
Ha Ha, this is hilarious. I love digg. Great instructable by the way.
thats awesome! but, if i wore it in my school no1 would have any f'in idea wtf it was lol :-( saad. lol but go to a geek convention and youd get crap load o diggs lol :-D nice instructable!!
Same here, unfortunately.
bbisme Trebawa7 years ago
yea, same here all the ppl @ school only go to facebook and myspace when they get on the internet...im the only one on indie places or other...
btop7 years ago
Where is the conductive fabric from?
thydzik (author)  btop7 years ago
I didn't use any conductive fabric; I am not sure where it can be purchased from.

As a substitute for conductive fabric; I basically covered a normal piece of fabric with conductive thread, which made one side of the fabric conductive. This can be seen in step 6 Fabric switch.

You may also have some success with aluminium foil.
btop thydzik7 years ago
Sorry, I have to learn to read things properly before asking dumb questions.
Ward_Nox7 years ago
JiNX sells a kit to make the Digg button thats very close to what you linked to for the Digg it button

Digg Button

not bad price wise either its 14.99 +s/h (vs. the time to get the parts from other sources this isn't a bad price)
thydzik (author)  Ward_Nox7 years ago
I have a feeling adafruit is the official seller, as it it linked from the official digg button site.

adafruit lists it as $15, and also the PCB and cover which can be bought individually.

plus, $1 from each kit sale goes straight to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an organization that supports online rights.
gorgo3337 years ago
the only problem I can see is the fact that you can't wash it.
thydzik (author)  gorgo3337 years ago
correct, you may be able to hand wash it, but generally you don't want any of the electronics to get wet as it may corrode.
thatkidej7 years ago
This is freakin awesome, nice work!
THIS MAN IS A GOD! A GOD AMONGST MEN! seriously, good job mate (i love the thumbs up after being dug
Haha nice! Hopefully not too many strangers come and touch you though...might spread the flu somehow..lol
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