Working Knex Drum Mag




Introduction: Working Knex Drum Mag

 this is a drum mag i thought up i am in the mits of sorting so i don't want to take the time to make the whole thing yet but i hope people can take my idea and make it (please give some credit to me) 

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    How does a drum magazine work in real life? Are the bullets spiraling toward the center or in one line around the inside edge?

    its around the edge but some spiral just a little

    It's been a while since I've seen this page. Thanks for the info.

    @Mace I think its like a spiral but doing that as knex would be hard

    Yeah I got the concept working, but gave up as the amount of pieces required to make it structurally sound would exceed my K'nex collection.

    yea to bad send me a pic

    real ones go in a spiril the the edge the out

    I am currently working on an assault rifle that can fit this magazine. I modified the drum so the bullets won't just fall out.

    Yeah it's the first gun I've ever tried to create. Maybe I'll post if it turns out good.