this is a drum mag i thought up i am in the mits of sorting so i don't want to take the time to make the whole thing yet but i hope people can take my idea and make it (please give some credit to me) 

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How does a drum magazine work in real life? Are the bullets spiraling toward the center or in one line around the inside edge?<br>
<p>its around the edge but some spiral just a little</p>
<p>It's been a while since I've seen this page. Thanks for the info.</p>
<br>@Mace I think its like a spiral but doing that as knex would be hard <br>
Yeah I got the concept working, but gave up as the amount of pieces required to make it structurally sound would exceed my K'nex collection.
yea to bad send me a pic
real ones go in a spiril the the edge the out <br>
I am currently working on an assault rifle that can fit this magazine. I modified the drum so the bullets won't just fall out.
Yeah it's the first gun I've ever tried to create. Maybe I'll post if it turns out good.
Hmmmm.......... What about blue rods in stead of yellow?
put a turret inside of a drum and ta-dah!
I need a drum mag (fake or real) for the new gun i might be making. Its the machine gun from bioshock (or bioshock2 multiplayer for those people)<br />
&nbsp;so r u asking for my help or r u just saying it to tell me
I accidentaly left out the part where I ask u if i might be able to use it :/<br />
&nbsp;u mean use this idea on your gun then yes but give credit to me plzzzzzzzzzz
No problem! of course ill give credit!<br />
&nbsp;yeh it would be huge and where would a pusher go and how would it load?
idk its just a prototype&nbsp;
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br /> thanks SSSSOOOOOOOOOOO much, I&nbsp;know how to make this work :)<br /> PLEASE POST ON HOW TO MAKE!<br />
&nbsp;yeh i im thinking how you could make a flexable pusher
just use gravity!<br />
&nbsp;every drum mag i've seen is under the gun barrel
just put it on the top really its not that hard!<br />
&nbsp;yes but it will take away any model type guns like a tommy gun
A practically sized k'nex drum mag that actually works is almost impossible. Only one way I&nbsp;can think of and it's insanely hard to understand in any way, shape or form.<br />
a belt that loads under the gun, with a drum holding the links would work, but its impractical <br />
Dang it!! I&nbsp;honest to god had the very same idea. Anyways, it would make a big drum though I thought and then there's of course the problem of how to get the ammo out of the drum and up into the reliably. It could work though.<br />
sorry, lolz!
AWESOME!!!!! 5*
I don't think it would work on a gun.<br /> <br /> Because of 1 reason....<br /> <br /> If it was a full 360&deg; it would be MASSIVE!
&nbsp;rember this is just an idea for modifications to make it smaller this is just a idea to get the mind set of how you could make it

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