Picture of workshop secret door
    Regular doors are boring. This is a pocket door based off of barn door hardware. Due to the capacity of the hardware, its possible to build shelves into the design. There are some awesome hidden doors that when trimmed out are impossible to detect.... this isn't one of them. It's in a workshop in an out building, so... fine woodworking would be a little out of place.... The secret here is that most people will see the shelf and not a door.
    I didn't plan on an instructable, so I didn't always take perfect photos during construction, but I will try to explain the best I can. I built what fits for my application, for that reason, I omitted exact measurements. The paneling was used due to it's light weight for the door, and I had a boatload to use up and can be seen in the Landspeeder instructable I did.

The door opening ended up being 81" tall by 56" wide.
The shelf depth is 11.5", and the capacity of the door 450lbs... which should be more than enough for most projects I imagine..

The area to the right is also a hidden door in that it accesses the under stair storage area, is the same material and doesn't have a handle.  Its of a regular hinged design, so it's not anything special.  however the entire wall together is a good effect.
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Step 1: Figure out what you have to work with

Picture of Figure out what you have to work with
With the sweep area considered, the door takes up twice the space as the opening that you'll want at the end so make certain that you assess the project carefully before you start.
This is the proof of concept photo.
The hardware used was National Hardware brand purchased from Tractor supply. the trucks and the rail itself came to around 100.