Powerful Air Cannon(kills Deer)





Introduction: Powerful Air Cannon(kills Deer)

Step 1: The Valve

Step 2: Ammo ( Empty Co2 Tanks )

Step 3: Randomness

Step 4: Loading the Ammo

Step 5: To Shoot Pump It Up to 80 Psi an Turn the Valve



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    This kid is stupid learn...how to make real informative instructables

    Killing deer is cruel and you still haven't answered my question

    How do you attach the pump to the bottle. PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It does kill deer.

    He used a plastic bottle. What a bad idea. And, make the whole thing out of galvanized or copper pipe.

    if you make the pressure tank out of more copper pipe then you can get it up to around 300 psi max though good enough at 160 then you will defo kill dear

    kills deer- just aim point blank at its eye-socket

    ok we all know that CO2 tanks are pressurised, but what a bout using that pressure to launch it?

    whats the 12G fo. say u could put a wid head nail in the top and ruptur a full one

    list of materials? maybe some pics on construction? mainly what did you use as an airtank?

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    about what?

    how to build the damn thing

    on the bottom i driled a hole an stuck an inflating pin a covered it in super glue so its air tight--materials---3/4 copper pipe with tight fitting valve,bottle,soldering gun,bottle,tape(strong), an inflating pin,strong pump and amo.

    the air tank is just a bottle(strong) with eletric tape around it---holds bout 100-120psi

    I want to relice the air as fast as possable. Can I do this with a ball valve?