Woven Chain Bracelet




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Introduction: Woven Chain Bracelet

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this bracelet is so cute and chic and simple to make. it looks good stacked with other bracelet, or just show it off by itself.

difficulty: beginner

Step 1: Materials

-embroidery thread (you know, the stuff you used to make friendship bracelets when you were younger?)
-thick chain (you can re-use an old piece of jewelry if you can too!)

Step 2: Add the Closures

whatever clasps you have laying around works, I just prefer these ones because they're so easy to put on yourself. no more asking for help!

Step 3: The Fun Part :D

tie a know at the top of the chain and start weaving in and out of each chain link with your needle and thread. then tie another know to the bottom end and you're done!



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    I love simple and fun customizations like this. Nice work!