Wrist Wallet





Introduction: Wrist Wallet

this is a wallet that you can PUT ON YOUR WRIST! wow!

Step 1: Geting Started

well you will need:
some fabric
some thread
a zipper

a sewing machine, or
a needle

Step 2: Cutting Things!

cut your fabric to about two times around your wrist, and then add 1/2 inch. prep your zipper( i took mine from an old purse

Step 3: Assembling Things

you are going to want to place the zipper and the stitching one the wrong side of the fabric, so that when you turn it the right way every thing looks cleaner. Now depending on if you are going to sew or use a sewing machine you might want to use pins to keep things in place.

Step 4: More Sewing!

now fold the fabric hamburger style and sew the other side to the zipper. Now once that is done you should only have to sew two edges! YAY! anyway sew those edges with a little bit bit of space.

Step 5: Almost Done!

now you will fold the fabric again and the ends of the zippers should touch sew this edge and clean things up. now flip it inside out .....

Step 6: Your Done!

now go wear it around town putting what ever you want in it!



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    that is one way not to lose your money.

    Thanks, I am totally going to try this as one of my first projects learning to sew with a machine.  I might try a slightly stretchy material to help keep it snug.

    You should add velcro at each end , so the darn thing will stay on your wrist. I like the idea of having a better and safer way to carry your money, without the bulkieness of a purse

    I love this idea! I hate carrying around purses but most of my clothes are pockets free (or have pockets too small to actually USE) and it gets a little awkward at times reaching into my bra to grab money. Great idea, definitely going to try it out. :)

    Sounds like a good idea if you are doing live role playing or are going to an anime con in a costume. It just doesn't look right when the big orc pulls out a wallet :P And if you make straps in the top-bottom (at the wrist and elbow) you can put weights in to put that extra muscle in your training on the punching bag. Just make sure to make the wrist wallet out of some heavy duty material then.

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    Yeay, the new and improved LARP wallet. lol Just make it up to look like a bracer, and wallah, it's part of the costume. Not a bad idea, really.

    Would you consider submitting this to the Mashup contest?

    it might be better if you stitch it, then flip it inside out, so that the excess on the outside is on the inside. otherwise, this is a good idea, and its geeky :). great for tiajuana.

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    I work at a haunted house and there is NO room for pockets or stuff in the costumes usually...so this would be great for that as well

    I didn't really get it...