I had no idea  there are others out there......

Step 1: Tools and Stuff

things you need... measuring tape/ good glue gun lots of glue blades,insomnia,OCD...

Step 2: Gather...

Step 3:


Step 8: Lots of CIRCLES

Step 11:

use something like the edge of the a washing machine to bend.....

Step 12: Circles

Step 13: Sad

Step 14: Rocker Arms

Step 17: All Cardboard and Hot Glue Only......

<p>Where did you get the drawings on which you based your design? Did you have a technical layout of the engine?</p><p>A most impressive piece of work. </p>
How much does it weigh and how long did it take<br>
O.K. own up you are the original Tony Stark, if you can build a rotary engine just with cardboard,locked in your cellar. I couldn't imagine what you could do with the right materials -IRON MAN.
wow, excellent work man!<br><br>Seeing this makes me think that you might be interested in a group that I co-created called Boxwars.<br>It seems you have already begun....<br><br>www.boxwars.com<br>enjoy!
Wow very cool, what are you using it for?
...thanks...full scale airplane.....art shows...
Wait so are you building a full airplane?
...yes.... like a ship in a bottle.....
if you get really bored again and decide to make another one, i'll totally buy it off of you.
Thanks for the positive comment... I'm never bored though,and I will make you anything you want.....
Haha well in that case!! Id love a unicorn with a real beating heart. Hahah. No, but really..... phenomenal work. I have forwarded that to everyone I know and they are completely blown away. It's absolutely Amazing!!!
wow and wow. step 13 made me lolz a bit....
sparks to.....
nice work! in case you were wondering, that's called a wasp engine im pretty sure. or at least henry ford museum taught me that2
thanks much ,... Clerget 9b.....well mostly sort of...
What in the ... ? <br> Amazing.
cool, thanks...
This looks totally awesome but it could use a lot more text. I see the pictures but it would be handy if there was text explaining the pictures and giving exact measurements, telling us what to watch out for, etc.
Thanks....next one will have lot-a-text and measurement.......promise
Just saw several of these a few days ago and i have to say it's insanely accurate! well done.
Thank you, means alot to me.
Badass. Period. 4 Stars due to lack of description in steps.<br>Still one hell of a project!
Haha, you must have went for the professional heavy-duty glue gun after the first one melted. This would be great with some metallic paint but it is still cool with the raw cardboard look. I bet you the final product is heavy. Nice.
I really like this one. Shame there aren't cad files or something so we could cut one out on the laser cutter.
are you mad ???<br>Huge job ! And I think that pictures are self explanary
.&nbsp; Fantastic project and great pictures but no explanatory text. :(&nbsp; Flesh it out and this could be feature-worthy.<br>

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