Picture of x8 slide action handgun/sidearm
I believe that this is the first ever slide action handgun to feature a magazine that has been posted on this site. Slide action, true trigger, 7 shot bottom loading magazine capable of rapid fire. the range is anywhere from 20 to 60ft depending on how many rubber bands you use and what type of firing rod you use.
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Step 1: Make the barrel

Picture of Make the barrel
this is the barrel

Step 2: The magazine

Picture of the magazine
bottom loading magazine

1. make these
2. connect them like so
3. do this with them, make sure it clicks into place

Step 3: Make the 2nd and upper part of the barrel

Picture of make the 2nd and upper part of the barrel
make this

the decapitated peices are not required but highly recommended if you dont want your gun to jam, they can be replaced by tan clips

Step 4: The trigger

Picture of the trigger
1. make these
2. connect like so

Step 5: The handle

Picture of the handle
1. make this
2. spread the red connectors out (it helps with connecting them)
3. connect them

Step 6: Connecting everything and add ons

Picture of connecting everything and add ons
1. this is what you should have so far
2. connect the upper part of the barrel
3. connect the two parts to the magazine
4. make sure it looks like this and the white rods go through
5. add the trigger
6. add the trigger
7. add the handle
8. add 4 black y connectors to the front and add 4 green connectors to the sides of the white connectors like so
9. add 4 orange connectors to the front and back, it should look like this


Step 7: Making the slide

Picture of making the slide
1. make this
2. make these (the purple one is just the same as the gray one) also one has 3 connectors and one has 4
3. attach them on and add one extra red connector on the side with 4. the side with 4 should be slightly moved back
4. add more red connectors until it looks like this
5. now build this
6. attach that onto the end of the slide
7. add this gray connector
8 add 2 gray rods and thread them through the gray connectors at the side
9. attach the slide to the gun

ok your done with part 2 what do you want a cookie?
Make the barreldo you need those tan clip thangs at the end on the left
MiniBr1t5 years ago
dont matter
MiniBr1t5 years ago
hey u know the grey connecter that is with the decapitaded connectors is that cut also cause when i put the ram in it cant go further than the grey piece is it supposed to stop there?
sdds6 years ago
nice gun good job
funguy294676 years ago
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meh, its okay -- 3 stars (my magazine didn't work, and my gun only fired two feet with my best rubbabands) I took off the mag, slide, and nearly doubled the length of the barrel, and now it shoots 40 feet accurately
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
I was not expecting it to do that....(third slide)
funguy294676 years ago
yay i love cookies esecially rasein - blueberry ... cool gun
funguy294676 years ago
yay! cookies =P
caebersbach6 years ago
lol!!! awesoome!!! 5 stars!
corn99 aof6 years ago
cool gun
caebersbach6 years ago
sweet weapon!
how thick are those rubberbands? id make it fire green rods instead. that way it wouldnt matter if the spun.
wussap (author)  lord voldamort6 years ago
the rubber bands on the firing pin are normal size thickness, except their a little longer
kaerius6 years ago
you know, i used to make tons of knex guns. i've made pretty strong ones and cool mechanisms before (one mechinism allowed the bullet to shoot so strong it went through 2 layers of drywall from 40+ feet) but then it hit me: what's the fun of making guns? now i make ball towers. things that don't harm others.
Trauts6 years ago
Looks good but I almost guarantee you that it would not go pas 40 ft. Not only does it fire white rods which always spin cause they're so short, but the rubber bands would just break the slide action firing mech.
looks like a broom handled mauser with a differnet handle looks good
the mauser looks cooler, but so you load this gun from the top?
knex maddo6 years ago
can you join my group i just made its called knex warlords plz post the gun on it p.s...your awesome!!!
knex maddo6 years ago
looks awesome I'm going to build it right now yeah thats a beauty
west49rules6 years ago
realy nice gun but you should do 1 thing renforce the slide other wise +1
TheDunkis7 years ago
yeah it looks rather messy and no sorry its not the first slide action with magezine. I forgot his name but he had a slide action pistol that loaded white rods in the handle. i'm pretty sure there are others although maybe not posted.
wussap (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
you mean ironman96? his gun had loading issues so he posted the version what was single shot
no i forgot the name still but he put it up on the forum without ever posting it. Just search up something like pistol with slide i think it was something like that.
it was luosewire.
wussap (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
also im not sure if i would call it a slide seeing that you cannot push the slide back, cause otherwise it just uses a firing pin kind of like mepains sniper
wussap (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
yes but he did not post actual instructions and it was only posted as a forum, not as an instructable
ok, correction, this is the first posted slide action pistol with a mag.
dsman1952767 years ago
reminds me of the nerf night finder.
i agree with thebboy. good gun, but looks really messy and unreliable
thebboy7 years ago
nice, but it looks messy
acker1237 years ago
i like it ive only really got big weapons mp5, bakenbitz new wep, gatling gun and other big guns and having a nice small sidearm wil b good +1