XBox 360 Wireless / Wired / Cordless Headset C/w Microphone





Introduction: XBox 360 Wireless / Wired / Cordless Headset C/w Microphone

This the first thing I've ever shared online (please bear this in mind when it comes to the comments, although all comments, good or bad are welcome).

In this Instructable I'll show you how to mod an old pair of headphones to make an xBox 360 Headset. There are 2 options here, wired or wireless, the choice is yours.

Heres what you'll need -

1x Headphones, wired (with inline volume control if possible) or wireless / cordless
1x Basic 360 headset (available on eBay for less than �5)
1x Small Screw (approx. 5/6mm long)
Insulating Tape or Heat Shrink (black if possible)
Soldering Iron
Drill & Drill Bits
Small +head Screw Driver

Step 1: Dismantling the Headset / Headphones

This is quite easily done. If you look carefully at the back of the earpiece of the original xBox headset you will see small tabs which can be pressed with a small screwdriver to seperate the earpiece from the headset. Next take your soldering iron and seperate the cable from the controller from the earpiece and microphone (take note of which wire goes where). Then remove the small screw which secures the micrphone boom to the headset.

Next dismantle one of the earcups of your headphones. Be careful doing this as different headphones seperate in different ways. Some just pull again, others twist. I ended up breaking the clips which hold mine together so ened up having to glue it back on.

Step 2: Preparing the Headset

Now get your drill and make a hole in the headphone cup. I'd advise keeping it closer to the front as the boom is quite short when you take the extra thickness of the earcups into account. Then you have to drill a small approx 1 mm up from the last. This is to allow the microphone cable to enter the earcup. Next, insert a small screw from back to front of the earcup as show in the pics. This is to prevent the boom been able to move 360 degrees.

Now fit the boom onto the new earcup, solder the wires again (both microphone and original earpiece wires) and tape / heatshrink your connections.

Step 3: Final Steps

All that left to do now is re-assemble the earcup and attach it back onto the headband.

To tidy things up (if using normal wired headphones) you can tape 2 wires running to the headphones together, I would however recommend the you cut some small pieces of heat shrink about 10mm long and slide them over the cables BEFORE you solder the connections. You will have to remove the wires from the headphones earpiece if you want to use the heat shrink method.

Now plug your headphones (transmitter unit if using wireless) into your TV's headphone socket, and plug the original headset plug into the controller. You can adjust the sound of you TV's volume control to a suitable level, and adjust the voice chat level using the original microphone volume control. You may also need to adjust ingame volumes to you own choice using the games own sound settings.

So thats it, my first instructable. I'm sure theres bits missing ut hopefully you'll all be able to work it out.

a.k.a - MysticalvibesNI (xBox live I.D)



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     Yo anybody know where I can get some free xbox 360 tools here in saskatchewan,canada ! 

     Why didn't xbox add the red white and blue cables to the system!  Morons.
    My advice if you can't figure out how to get feed from a regular mic (not the xbox kind than maybe soldier some components or just buy components that hook into one another !~ Somethings gotta give ! :) 

    You also should listen to the song Swing ! It is Sweet ! 

    is there any way to transmit the sound of the tv to the headset like the Turtle Beach headsets. I have no idea if its possible or not though but i was just wondering.

    2 replies

    Hello, this is very simple to do although you do need a TV or a hi-fi / surround system with a headphone socket. All I done was get a standard wired pair of headphones and fitted the microphone as explained above. Then I connected the 2 wires which went to the original xbox earpiece to one of the headphone ear pieces (same side as mic). Now when you plug the headphones into the socket on your tv you get the original sound from the TV (music,sound effects, etc.) and since you connected the original earpiece wires to your new headphones, you will get the voice feed directly into one ear. I'd like to be able to get the voice through both ears but I'm pretty sure that if I connect the original earpiece to both headphone earpieces i'd destroy the stereo sound. No doubt there is some type of electronic component which could prevent this, but my knowledge is very limited in this field : ( I anyone can offer any help to this dilema it would e much appreicated. Davy

    Hey, I've been thinking of doing this for some time myself. One way to get the voice through both sides with this setup is to change the voice option in the xbox 360 menu.
    There's an option in there to choose whether you want voice through the headset or the speakers. Just switch that to speakers and you should be good to go. Hope that helps.

    i connected the just plain bronze wire to the same wire from the mic and the same with the pink one but there are still the blue and black wires and im not sure where to solder those

    2 replies

    Hello, If you'd like to send me your email address I'll send you a wiring diagram. Mine is - Davy

    sorry i typed the wrong email before its thanks

    Hi, Thanks for the feedback. Thats exactly what I wanted, just didn't want to pay the $40.

    i like it... its like a DIY version of those $40 ultra gamer headsets that plug into your TV and your xbox controller.

    A great idea, And congrats on your first 'ible. I hope to see more :)