i am going to give you a few of the simple steps i took to customize my 360 and for very little $$$

Step 1: Taking Apart Your 360

you can find out how to do this through many sites. NOTE: this will void your warranty
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Could you please go into a bit more detail about taking off the power button? I'm airbrushing my latest project in Arctic Camo and the last have always been carbon fiber. <br><br>I don't want my ROL or power light screwed up because of the paint job so please help me :)<br><br>P.S so far nice tutorial, following it through :P
I used these same pins, and it gave me a short, any ideas?
sorry i havent been on this site in quite a while i really have no idea why it wouldve shorted unless the wires were somehow touching the next pin
i figured it out, 2 different sections of my circuit was touching the metal casing of the 360, causing the psu to see an oversurge, nudged the things away and added heat shrink and it fixed it up
Did you put two strips in your xbox? <br>AND <br>Can u put up a pic on how to connect the strips?
yeah i used two strips sry i know longer have this xbox so a pics out of the question but the strips i got had adhesive on the back side so i just stuck them to the inside of the metal case after the board is in and make sure you have room for your dvd drive
QuackMasterDan has a quite good instructable on how to disassemble your 360.
a few questions<br /> 1) can you explain your painting process in a little bit more detail lots of tutorials out there but i like how yours turned out<br /> 2) can you explain your lighting a bit more im kinda a noob at led lights also can you explain how i would hook up cathode lights<br /> Thanks!<br />
Dont forget to Prime
painting is real easy just take your time lightly mist over the surface each coat will cover more if you do to much at once you will end up with lots of runs after it dries spray on your clear coat also being careful as this will run too the clear coat is important to protect against scratches<br /> <br /> as far as the lights i had a hard time understanding the leds myself and didnt want to buy the wrong things or connect any thing wrong so i got the led strips the link is on the tab real easy to connect&nbsp; a pos and neg wire just&nbsp;solder to the back of the board where i noted and youll have no problems&nbsp;and the strips have adhesive on the back so&nbsp;you just stick them in place.&nbsp;no matter what you use for lighting i would use the spot on the board i noted as its constant power and 12v <br /> <br /> good luck
thanks so much that helped a ton last thing really quick is wet sanding do you do that? what is it?<br />
if by chance you happen to rush a nd get a run take some like 400 grit sandpaper wet the surface and gently sand the run out. if you take your time after your first coat of paint the surface should still be pretty transparent and after each coat you will cover more and more runs should be no problem eliminating any thought of wet sanding. if you put your glass on the inside i would recommend a thin sheet&nbsp; due to the amount of room you have. if you put it on the outside i would go a little thicker take you time with it as it will break easily while cut or drilling any holes
what dremel did you use and what bit<br />
i used a metal cutting bit and the dremel doesnt matter you wanna find the right speed and do that in the area you are cutting out cut about a 1/4 of an inch from the line and use the small drum sanding bit and sand to the line
what was the thickness of the plexiglass? did you use 1/8 inch?<br />
my sheet was probably closer to 1/4 but it was on the outside on the inside i would go no bigger than an &nbsp;1/8
also what type of plexiglass did you use thickness ect.<br />
your instructable inspired me, here's mine :)
i like the color combo
CALAMITY!!! My xbox is showing error E74 :(.... boooooooooo
thats not a hard fix in fact this orange one had e74 when i got it. you can do an x-clamp replacement which may or may not work or you can heat up the board with a pen torch or heat gun (over the graphics chips only) just be careful on the amount of heat your using you could crack the board, but this is the best fix good luck see ya gaming
thanks man : )
Is that a matte finish? That's awesome.
somewhat i guess lol, i did put a clear coat on but it was very thin
your custom xbox inspired me to make my own.
nice work
this is my first mod I think it looks ok for my first time&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
sound activated are here <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.xoxide.com/bluecathode.html">http://www.xoxide.com/bluecathode.html</a> it cost extra<br/>
So you didn't take the case off? Lol I need to know how to take it off...
just stole this link from youtube havent really watched but theres hundreds out there <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joF4n_HT6X0">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joF4n_HT6X0</a><br/>
hey where did you buy that strip of leds? did you use a resistor or just like that thanks.
they just require 12v you cant you power from the fan step 7 shows you where to buy and where to connect<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ledlight.com/flexible-led-light.aspx">http://www.ledlight.com/flexible-led-light.aspx</a><br/>
what are the measuments for this?
hope this helps... i used quarters on the edges to round them off
are American quarters the same size as canadian quaters lol just wondering lol
canadian quarters are a bit smaller, I just got back from toronto canadian quarter is slightly thinner looking at it, but pretty much the same
the circles about the same, i think there a little thinner
Sorry a little bit unclear, did you screw them into the upper and lower holes and how did you get them best through the plastic?
i put the machine screw through the top and a nut on the backside i used my dremel tool on a slow speed to drill but im sure a drill would be fine just take it slow put masking tape over the spot you plan to drill good luck
How did you get the screws in?
will this void ur warranty if you don't cut the warranty sticker?
There's a small piece of plastic underneath one of the holes that you have to use to get the case open that Microsoft uses to check for a voided warranty. A punctured piece=void warranty.<br/>But as for the sticker, it's just the first thing they check. And if they don't check the plastic piece, then you'll be fine. Also, if you're sending this in (if you get the RROD) and you leave the lights in, or leave the modded side panels/painted case on, they won't even bother checking.<br/>If you have an older Xbox 360, just send it in before doing this to get the new heatsink/chipset, they'll replace the old one with a new one and then do the mods.<br/>
i dont work for microsoft but i would assume that they look for that type of slickness
thx, i think i'll buy another stock case (just in case i get rrod)
do you have to unplug the disk drive because i heard the next time you get online it will kick you
i suppose you probably could leave it connected. i've never heard of getting kicked mines been unplugged several times throughout this process and im online. if you mod your xbox (not cosmetic) you can get kicked
i dont like the glass being put on top, i think it looks better with thin plexi glued from the bottom. <br/><br/>i did make a tutorial on how to replicate the charli murphy xbox, which is very similar to this, and includes where to find the coveted clear dvd top tray.<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-the-Charli-Murphy-Xbox-360-Case-Mod/">https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-the-Charli-Murphy-Xbox-360-Case-Mod/</a><br/>
thank you

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