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This is a stand I made for my xbox 360. On the bottom it holds the 360 in the compartment above is space for game guides or magazines. above the magazine holder is the a shelf to hold16 games this can be changed by adding or subtracting layers. on the very top is a controller holder the top can hold 1-3 controllers and a wired headset in the very back.
green 60
white 51
yellow 127
blue 77
red 32

gray 20
blue 4

white 26
red 30
yellow 23
green 6
purple 107
blue 62
light gray 6
dark gray 70
orange 12

parts without doors on front
green 52
white 41
yellow 127
blue 69
red 30

white 16
red 22
yellow 15
green 6
purple 107
blue 62
light gray 6
dark gray 70
orange 8

Step 1: The 360 Compartment

Picture of The 360 Compartment

1 this is the base of the stand
2 another view
3 this is the top of the compartment
4 put together like so
*note to get the 360 in some of the front peices will need to be removed to make room to slide it in

yellow 50
red 46
blue 10

white 14
yellow 2
purple 38
blue 10
dark grey 4

Step 2: Magazine Holder

Picture of Magazine Holder

1 this is the top part of the mag holder it will be added on top of the console compartment
2 add these to the under side
3 this is the door for the mag holder
4 attach the top using the blue rods
5 the 2 grey connectors are added to the 2 blue rods to add support
6 attach the door to the mag holder

green 8
white 11
yellow 9
blue 21
red 4

white 2
red 16
yellow 5
purple 13
blue 11
orange 2

Step 3: Game Rack

Picture of Game Rack

the game rack can be changed to the amount of games you own by adding or subtracting layers but by doing this the doors on the front have to be changed or just taken off if you would rather not fool with it my door is designed to cover 4 rack panels
1 this is the panel needed just make how ever many you need 1 section holds 4 games the top of the magazine area is the bottom of the game rack so for every panel you make you get 4 more spots for games
*note the very top one needs to have the corners sideways as shown on pic 10 in step 6 also this picture is taken upside down to show the green connectors those connect to the magazine area
parts lists bellow list one panel
middle panel parts list

green 11
white 10
yellow 14
red 4

yellow 2
purple 12
blue 12
dark gray 6

top panel parts list

green 11
white 10
yellow 14
red 4

yellow 2
purple 19
blue 5
dark gray 6

Step 4: Controller Holders

Picture of Controller Holders

you can put 3 of these on the top if the stand possably a fourth on the back if you dont put the box from the power cord there

parts per controller holder
yellow 4
blue 2

red 2
green 2
light gray 2
dark gray 14
orange 2

Step 5: Game Rack Doors

Picture of Game Rack Doors

This part is optional if you dont have the parts or dont want to fool with is skip ahead
or just make this and continue

green 8
white 10
blue 8
red 2

gray 20
blue 4

white 10
red 8
yellow 8
orange 4

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Picture of Putting It All Together

skip 7 and 8 if you didnt make doors
1 add the magizine compartment peice
2 this is the back wall of the magizine rack
3 add the door to to the magizine compartment to the corners
4 stack the panels on top of each other untill you have the amount u wanted
5 add the main controler peice to the yellow rods the front middle or the midde sides
6 add the other 2 small peices to the middle whites or the back yellow sides
7 conect the 2 peices
8 add the red conectors to the top and bottem yellows
9 the doors are closed in this picture but i had put them on upside down so make sure the yellow conectors are on the bottem
10 finished product


godswrath30 (author)2012-06-10

could anyone post a link to a download for the PDF file, im moving soon and don't have time to build it yet and i wot have internet for a while when i arrive so it would be nice. thanks.

The ironman (author)2011-08-24

i need to mod it but all in all great

mford lee (author)2011-06-22

i love my 360 holder its great 5*

Khaos Noble (author)2011-05-04

Pretty sweet! this is A LOT sturdier than the stand i made a couple years back. Great job! Keep up the good work! :)

assassin1321 (author)2009-07-07

this is my first instructable so if there any questions just ask and ill be sure to get back to you as soon as possible

emerson12 (author)assassin13212010-11-15

could u use this on a ps3

ravilis (author)assassin13212009-07-07

Yea, your first Q tight here. I have a lot of k'nex and and might think of building this for my friends birthday and giving it to him. In other words... Piece count?

assassin1321 (author)ravilis2009-07-07

there you go one parts list also a parts list for each step hope it helps

skyer69 (author)assassin13212009-07-16

say u only had 1 game how do u get it out

Smasher555 (author)skyer692010-08-05

Why, do you only have one game? Shu, Get a life.

mrmoneybagss (author)skyer692009-07-26

you would only make one game rack thingy. but that also means that you can't make the door.

you can ud just need to get creative

assassin1321 (author)skyer692009-07-16

what do you mean exactly

Knex Guru (author)2009-07-11

I normally would never call anyone out on something like this, but this looks uncannily similar to the same thing I made and published about a year before you ...

Bartboy (author)Knex Guru2009-07-11

It is different, and slideshows don't count.

Knex Guru (author)Bartboy2009-07-21

Yes it's different, but only slighlty. And yes slideshows do count.

bounty1012 (author)Knex Guru2009-07-21

slideshows do not count instructables do.

Knex Guru (author)bounty10122009-07-23

You're not a very bright person are you.

bounty1012 (author)Knex Guru2009-07-23

I actually am a very bright person, slideshows do not count as instructables, if you did post it as an instructable before he did then it would be copying.

Knex Guru (author)bounty10122009-07-23

You're right posting pictures of something I made only to have someone post an instructable of it a year later isn't copying.

I don't see the logic there.

bounty1012 (author)Knex Guru2009-07-23

seriously, what license did you use? Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa) by by by This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. Others can download and redistribute your work just like the by-nc-nd license, but they can also translate, make remixes, and produce new stories based on your work. All new work based on yours will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also be non-commercial in nature.

Knex Guru (author)bounty10122009-07-24

I wouldn't have a problem if I had gotten any credit at all. But I didn't so I was calling the creator out on it until you jumped in to defend him.

Smasher555 (author)Knex Guru2010-08-05

Ooooooohhhhhhhh! Ooooooohhhhhhhh! Ooooooohhhhhhh!

assassin1321 (author)Knex Guru2009-07-24

look i built it then i checked the site to see if there were any posted and all i saw was urs and it wasnt a instructable and people couldnt easily build it off the slide show so i posted what i had made

Knex Guru (author)assassin13212009-08-09

I don't have a problem with that if I had gotten credit.

assassin1321 (author)Knex Guru2009-07-22

mine is diffrent in a few things but people cant build it easy from ur slide show so i posted it

Knex Guru (author)2010-07-12

I'm very glad you posted something similar to mine, I'm much to lazy to make an instructable and now people can make it.

bartluke (author)2010-01-29

what size rods = the size of the door?

assassin1321 (author)bartluke2010-02-01

the one with the grey spacers is red

I play FENDER (author)2010-01-17

dude, i just built this thing and it is AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks:)

KnexMaster7000 (author)2009-07-09

dude this rocks. i was just about to make my own and i really didnt want to. and this even holds mags, games, and controllers!!!! 5 stars

I am confused you were going to make a cabinet but you didn't want to whats up with that???

mage (author)2009-11-18

hey, this is pretty cool 

Bartboy (author)2009-07-09

Sweet! Nice pics! But does it make the xbox overheat at all?

assassin1321 (author)Bartboy2009-07-13

mine never did

s0lekill3r (author)2009-07-08

Thanks for posting instructions, I'm an avid 360 gamer as well.

assassin1321 (author)s0lekill3r2009-07-08

no problem and that break action shotgun of yours is cool too

s0lekill3r (author)assassin13212009-07-09


DJ Radio (author)2009-07-08

This is awesome. 5*

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