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this will show you how to put rumble activated LEDs in your controller. Wired or wireless. Your LEDs may or may not look like this depending on your drill acuracy, mine are ok.

Step 1: Opening It

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So you will need a torx screw driver, als use a small philips to try to get the bolts out, this is for getting out the security pins. Look at those on the internet. So either that or get a security torx tool. size 8

Step 2: 2

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ok i only have pics of the finished product, but now you need your LEDs and resistors. The LEDS should be 5mm watever color you want, and the resistors are 47ohm . You can get both at radioshack. You need 2 of each. Take a red sharpie (or something) and mark the longer LED leg. Then cut both legs so they are about a few cm long. The positive leg(longer one) still being marked. You can test them on a battery, but if the LEDs are not blue or green you have to use a resistor for anything you do with them, or they will burn out!

Also mind that i recommend risistors for everything, it saves your battery power, for less batteries or recharges, and sometimes makes the LEDs actually glow theyre real color, (ex. Green glowing xbox green, not yellow green from too much power.)

Step 3: 3

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Now get your wire. I used the 32 AWG wire or at least the thinnest one at radioshack, blue and red posistive and blue negative. So wire the LEDs accordingly. Then sodler the wires onto the rumble solder places. Look how the red is on the left. Just look at it on your controller. See which side the cables are. So match them up. BUT before you do that cut off most of the resistors legs and solder them onto hte positive LED wire. Then solder so that the resistor is actually soldered to the chip, not the wire (at least for posistive.)

Step 4: 4

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So now all you have to do is make holes for the LEDs. Just grab a piece of wood and make holes in it with different size drill bits untill you wind one wheere the LED fits, but the extra tab stays back, preventing it from going forwrd.I cut my holes here.I also painted it and changed the d pad and joysticks but ok.

Step 5: 5

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so now you should be finished, make sure the wires stay put and dont mess up your buttons and you should be all set. Unfortunately while i did this my Xbox is in for repair so i cant actually show it to you, but if you wired everything right it will work. My xbox was scratchin my CDs.


YAMAHAMMER (author)2008-12-16


crows005 (author)YAMAHAMMER2012-10-26

did you make them decals yourself if so did you use stencils or free hand if stencil could you upload them so i could download them cause they look really awesome and i would love to mod my controller

babayaga2000 (author)crows0052012-10-26

i would assume stencils, or you could cut it out of masking tape and then place it on your controller like a home made stencil

Saurian24 (author)YAMAHAMMER2011-09-24

Very good... compared to my first one I feel like a noob...

Thundertydus (author)YAMAHAMMER2009-04-12

Turn off your F*cking Caps

GianniMora (author)Thundertydus2010-02-05

whats wrong with u... your hamster broke up with you.


Thundertydus (author)GianniMora2010-02-12

"your hamster broke up with you"

I feed my tarantula mice and hamsters, I don't have them as pets, how can it break up with me? It seems more like my tarantula just broke every bone in it's body!

GianniMora (author)Thundertydus2010-02-13

 ok sure... hamster boy

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C'mon, guys! Hating is overrated! Peace and love, mannnnn... :)

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Valeil (author)rtaber2011-07-10

Bit late to the party, don't you think?

jhughes-2 (author)Valeil2011-08-22

hahaha, party never ends!


GianniMora (author)YAMAHAMMER2010-02-05

dude those look sick 

zpersichetti (author)YAMAHAMMER2009-01-08

how did u do such a good job on the logo, did u like trace the star logo?

If you mean the nautical star on the left hand side, theres a great tutorial on how to draw them on Even if you cant draw for sh&t; you'll find it easy.

bigbz (author)zpersichetti2009-02-02

that is great, I have a question if i wanted to make multiple controllers respond at the same time how would that be done? kind of like a mirror or clone.

babayaga2000 (author)bigbz2009-02-02

what do you mean by respond, as in one controllers character gets shot and his rumble goes off, 2 more controllers rumble with his?

bigbz (author)babayaga20002009-02-04

yes. I'm sure it's a frequency issue. any idea? Thanks

babayaga2000 (author)bigbz2009-02-04

i actually have no idea how to do that, but may i ask, Why do you want to do that?

bigbz (author)babayaga20002009-02-05

well kind of like a gag when all my friends are over I would like to have them all go off at once. that would be kind of cool.

babayaga2000 (author)bigbz2009-02-05

you would need to have wires going from each controller to the other, which would be a hassle to do, and then make them all in a big circle, and they would all have to be wired, i see your idea, but this is the only way i know of

YAMAHAMMER (author)zpersichetti2009-01-11


ikent1 (author)2011-08-16

What was the purpose of this mod?

CaseBoy (author)2010-04-20

I want to put in a flashing led does it have to be a certain wattage? hers the

Slayerfan666 (author)CaseBoy2010-09-01

I want to do the same thing but idk how to put this flashing led in.

mdawg252 (author)2010-03-18

hey im having trouble hooking BOTH of the LED wires in i can only put in 1 for some reason

iTz WhItEoUt (author)2009-08-22

would u build a controller like you are explaining and sell it. because i have no clue how to put all that led b/s together. if so that would be awesome

zachsir (author)2008-10-27

i did the same thing several weeks ago however i just took two smaller leds that i took out of an old remote control car and then placed them inside the controller's dome and attached them to the rumble pins. i used red considering a major amount of the rumble my controller does is from giving or receiving damage. it looks much better than two random led's sticking out.

babayaga2000 (author)zachsir2008-10-28

,i also put leds in my dome, on a different controller, i didnt have any switches so it would light up when you put the batteries in, o i ket them out. It looked nice, but now i bought the XCM chromed wireles controller tht has ABXY LB RB X Guide and Start and Back Light up, its sick, and it has aswitch, you should look into it. Its only like 35$ with tax. Thats almost as much as i spent on all my supplies.

philauris (author)2008-09-20

oh ya... and did you use basic spray paint....if you did can you tell me the brand, color and model number of the color.... u dont need the number but it would help

babayaga2000 (author)philauris2008-09-21

the green paint is actually for engine highlighting lol, but the black is Krylon, interior exterior, i was looking for paint that wouldnt rub off on your hands and this is exactly that, but if you drop it, it might still scratch a little

philauris (author)2008-09-20

how did you make the edges of the x look splatterd.... or was it an accident

babayaga2000 (author)philauris2008-09-21

that was an accident i think it looks bad. or well idk whatever you think, just when your masking it, lay down te tape a little lighter around the endges where you want it i guess, i think that might work

Gh{O}sT (author)2008-09-13

i should make my controller buzz and lrt my friend play with it.

madhops0620 (author)2008-07-26

whats the point in doing this? Is there any advantage, or is it just so the LEDs turn on when it rumbles?

babayaga2000 (author)madhops06202008-07-27

actually while playing halo 3 the battle rifle shoots out bursts of 20 bullets not 3 so it much easier to get kills( no jk, it just makes leds turn on when it rumbles, depending on which leds you use it could look cool, or stupid if they barely flash)

deathorange (author)babayaga20002008-09-06

Wrong i tryed some barely flashing ones and some normal ones and the barely flashing ones don't destract you as much.

deathorange (author)2008-08-27

You don't auctualy need one of these i managed to take mine apart with a flat screw driver 1.5mm.

babayaga2000 (author)deathorange2008-08-28

yeah i know, i did it with a phillips but its much easier with this one

deathorange (author)babayaga20002008-08-29

Mind one of the screw broke off while i was taking it out so i had to make a reallbig hole were the screw was to get it out.

Anonmis (author)2008-06-16

I came across the website to change the SMD LED's as well as the Led's for the main X button (in the middle). Before I try and do this though, which LED's are used for both occasions? Can you give me the voltage and/or current for the: 0603 SMD LED's Also for the Four LED's that light up the Main X button?

babayaga2000 (author)2008-06-16

well i hate it when that happens

babayaga2000 (author)2008-06-15

your not supposed to, thats y it says 360 controller mod, its different for other controller

levator (author)2008-06-14

NICE XBOX GRAF1X!!!!! u need to make 1 about that!!!

babayaga2000 (author)levator2008-06-15

oh wait i didnt put a pic of my better controller here did i, well i will, but that x is like off centered and all, just mask it yourself, its actually very simple

babayaga2000 (author)levator2008-06-15

actually that green x was a crap job made in 10 seconds, the other one my dad masked with blue masking tape,very simple, but it took like an hour

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-21

Yeah, go ahead and add it. And don't listen to what your friends say, LED's freaking rule. ;-)

Thasts how you say it, did you actually do it?

Do what, this Instructable? I don't know, I might try it soon though.

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