Xbox 360 Paint Job!!!





Introduction: Xbox 360 Paint Job!!!

This will show you how to disassemble paint then reassemble the xbox 360 controller.
This is what you will need:
-a controller
-t8 screw driver
-tiny philips screw driver
-spray paint(the colors you want)
-finish(water proof)
-sticky paper

Step 1: Step 1: Dissamble the Controller

take out the 7 screws with t8 screw driver
take out buttons
take out the 2 screws in the d-pad
put every thing in safe place

Step 2: Step 2: Preparation for Paint

Snap the controller back together with battery pack

spray the controller with a coat a primer does not have to look good

Step 3: Step 3: First Coat of Paint

this will make the color of stripes or of what ever you want
if making a single color controller skip to step #

Step 4: Step 4:the Design and Second Coat

make the design you want on your controller

after that spray with base color

Step 5: Step 5:touch Ups

take off the sticky paper

if some of you paint comes off its OK

to do touch ups get a small paint brush spray some paint in a cup (away from the controller) then go over the bad places with the paint

Step 6: Step 6:finish

spray the finish on the controller

Step 7: Step 7: Reassembally

reassemble the controller



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    ok well im trying to paint my controller but im at a roadblock the screws have a little dot in the center preventing me from taking it apart PLEASE HELP

    to get the screws you can uae a 2mm flat head screwdriver and if they break use a allen wrench. thats how i did it. im going to post pictures of mine when its done.

    You will need a T8 screwdriver which you can get at any hardware store and a flat head screwdriver. You have to use the flathead to break the pin in the center. After all the pins are broken you can open it with a T8 screw driver. Or, you can order a Security Torx T8 from Amazon or Ebay.

    Or just use a very small(jeweler's/watchmaker's) screwdriver.

    Nice! What kind of paint do you use for painting the controllers?

    can i just use a flathead and then take the top and bottom off and everything will still be there???   This way it would be easier or will i have to take other stuff off.   Will stuff just like fall out or what??? i would like to get started on this project next week..??

     I used red paint with crystal clear enamel and the paint came off and onto my hands when i sweated!! Why is this?

    were did u get the the t8 driver

    Use paint made for Vinyl it won't wear off the plastic