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Introduction: Xkcdian SkiFree 'F' Key Pendant

This instructable was inspired by the alt-text on xkcd.com/667/ (hover for the alt-text).  Fans of SkiFree will remember the Yeti...oh do we remember the Yeti. You skied and skied and skied, only to face this...well, this THING. An Angry Thing. Who wouldn't let you by, for reasons unknown and mattering little. Who knows how many hours of misspent youth were lost to the SkiFree boss?

Legend has it if you press "F" during this boss battle it accelerates you to the point where you can pass the Yeti. While it definitely does accelerate you, I cannot personally confirm that you can actually beat the Yeti but that is what they say. That is what this comic refers to. Update: I have outrun 'em for quite some time but never reached any kind of "end". :)

So, make your very own 'F' key pendant symbolizing...anything, really. Cheating death. Overcoming obstacles in life. Your 1337 gaming skillz. Undying affection, maybe? Whatever.

Some may say "Congratulations on drilling a hole in an F key." To which I say, Bah humbug! There is elegance in simplicity. Any designer worth his/her salt will tell you that complexity does not a good design make. Besides, half the fun is that it doesn't look like much to write home about unless you know about SkiFree/the comic.

(If you want to learn more about the game, or download it (runs in windows and works fine in wine), please see http://ski.ihoc.net/. If that doesn't work, try the google cached version. Legal downloads, yay!)

Step 1: Materials & Tools


An 'F' key (duh).

Cord/wire to string it on (I used SoftTouch nylon beading wire).

Necklace clasp

Crimp beads


Source of fire (I just lit a candle).

Small-diameter, sharp-tipped metal implement (I used a special xacto attachment).

Crimping pliers (I mislaid mine so I just used regular small pliers. It works, but be warned it's a bit trickier and you don't quite get the nice crimp you do from using the specialized pliers.)

Step 2: Putting It All Together

Using your source of flame, heat the poky metal instrument. Take your 'F' key and poke two holes in the top, equidistant from all sides and one another, and the same size.  If there's a bit of soot or melted plastic making a mess take a piece of coarse sandpaper and give the surface a few good strokes.

Try to get the holes as exact as you can if you're using a string that doesn't have a lot of slack in it (the nylon wire has more "give" room when it hangs so it doesn't matter as much).

Thread the string through both holes. Then attach your clasp. If you're using crimping beads, put those on first, then the crimp, then thread the string back through the bead and crimp as shown in the pictures.

Be forewarned that few will know why on Terra you would have such a thing, they will assume it's an inside joke or maybe your name is Fred. Take courage; wear your xkcdian SkiFree 'F' pendant proudly, knowing that you have reached a level of esoteric few ever will ;-> ! 



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    Awesome! I'm definitely going to make one of these. Soon. Thank you.

    Awesome! Great idea! We have mede some too ,thanks for sharing!


    Nice! Thanks for sharing your take - I love the little beads above it.

    thats sooo cool i am going to make one now could you use a drill??

    You mean to make the holes? Sure, if you have something to hold the key still and you have steady hands. Don't drill through your fingers. ;)

    Whaaaaaaaaaat? Someone please go back in time and tell 6 year old me.

    Hmmm, most normal people use a drill and fine grade sandpaper.

    When I read the bit about the candle, my first thought was "a blow torch would be quicker"!

    That was the attitude generally held by the scientists at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory here in Florida, when I volunteered there. I was assisting this really hilarious guy who was also a Doctor Who fan and that worked on the near-absolute-nil cryogenics chambers and worked the only experimental radar machine in the entire lab (which was mainly for educational purposes). I remember that we had an entire subterranean floor to myself, the other kid in the program (who was a lazy, worthless waste of space), and our assigned mentor. We were setting up a giant pendulum using nylon rope and aluminum sheets hung from supply pipes in the ceiling some 25-30 feet above, but the threads were frayed. The other kid sat there with his little cigarette lighter, trying to get it melted down without burning his hand. The mentor and I went off in opposite directions and both came back with blowtorches.

    We also played with lasers, stole a DirecTV satellite dish in the pursuit of science, and had long talks about theoretical physics which utterly baffled the other kid.

    Cool dude! Thanks for sharing.