Picture of xkcdian SkiFree 'F' key pendant
This instructable was inspired by the alt-text on (hover for the alt-text).  Fans of SkiFree will remember the Yeti...oh do we remember the Yeti. You skied and skied and skied, only to face this...well, this THING. An Angry Thing. Who wouldn't let you by, for reasons unknown and mattering little. Who knows how many hours of misspent youth were lost to the SkiFree boss?

Legend has it if you press "F" during this boss battle it accelerates you to the point where you can pass the Yeti. While it definitely does accelerate you, I cannot personally confirm that you can actually beat the Yeti but that is what they say. That is what this comic refers to. Update: I have outrun 'em for quite some time but never reached any kind of "end". :)

So, make your very own 'F' key pendant symbolizing...anything, really. Cheating death. Overcoming obstacles in life. Your 1337 gaming skillz. Undying affection, maybe? Whatever.

Some may say "Congratulations on drilling a hole in an F key." To which I say, Bah humbug! There is elegance in simplicity. Any designer worth his/her salt will tell you that complexity does not a good design make. Besides, half the fun is that it doesn't look like much to write home about unless you know about SkiFree/the comic.

(If you want to learn more about the game, or download it (runs in windows and works fine in wine), please see If that doesn't work, try the google cached version. Legal downloads, yay!)

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Step 1: Materials & tools


An 'F' key (duh).

Cord/wire to string it on (I used SoftTouch nylon beading wire).

Necklace clasp

Crimp beads


Source of fire (I just lit a candle).

Small-diameter, sharp-tipped metal implement (I used a special xacto attachment).

Crimping pliers (I mislaid mine so I just used regular small pliers. It works, but be warned it's a bit trickier and you don't quite get the nice crimp you do from using the specialized pliers.)

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breumer3 years ago
Awesome! Great idea! We have mede some too ,thanks for sharing!
Lithium Rain (author)  breumer3 years ago
Nice! Thanks for sharing your take - I love the little beads above it.
thats sooo cool i am going to make one now could you use a drill??
Lithium Rain (author)  busterbuster187243 years ago
You mean to make the holes? Sure, if you have something to hold the key still and you have steady hands. Don't drill through your fingers. ;)
icady3 years ago
Whaaaaaaaaaat? Someone please go back in time and tell 6 year old me.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Hmmm, most normal people use a drill and fine grade sandpaper.
When I read the bit about the candle, my first thought was "a blow torch would be quicker"!

That was the attitude generally held by the scientists at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory here in Florida, when I volunteered there. I was assisting this really hilarious guy who was also a Doctor Who fan and that worked on the near-absolute-nil cryogenics chambers and worked the only experimental radar machine in the entire lab (which was mainly for educational purposes). I remember that we had an entire subterranean floor to myself, the other kid in the program (who was a lazy, worthless waste of space), and our assigned mentor. We were setting up a giant pendulum using nylon rope and aluminum sheets hung from supply pipes in the ceiling some 25-30 feet above, but the threads were frayed. The other kid sat there with his little cigarette lighter, trying to get it melted down without burning his hand. The mentor and I went off in opposite directions and both came back with blowtorches.

We also played with lasers, stole a DirecTV satellite dish in the pursuit of science, and had long talks about theoretical physics which utterly baffled the other kid.
Cool dude! Thanks for sharing.
Haha, a couple of weeks ago I was making CD hovercraft with my science clubbers.

When I got to the part of the instructions that said drill a hole in the bottle cap, they all got bunsen burners out heat up nails and melt the hole instead.

It is a little bit more efficient than drilling, but I carry around a 4x12v serial circuit with uninsulated wire tips and a heatsink in case I need heat in high concentration, because it is less condemning to be found with some batteries, wire, and a hunk of metal on campus than a lighter or matches of some sort, and you never know when a bunsen burner or other fire source will be available. It has the advantages of discretion, speediness, and the ability to zap people if they are wet (it really really hurts, I have tried it on myself after a shower before, but also has the advantage over tazers and stunguns of discretion, and also doesn't risk fibrillating a heart or knocking someone out, but just hurts).

Still, fire is always more fun when it is avvailable
Most normal people wouldn't even open this instructable if they knew what this was :P
Lithium Rain (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
Didn't want to drill a hole in my hands.

And anyway haven't we already established I'm not normal? :P
and thus the need to hide all of the sharp pointy things.
rvon ruden3 years ago
How I feel is kinda messed up, considering I can not wait until my keyboard dies. LOL
Okapidragon5 years ago
Oi. My friend made fun of me because my "F" key is from a bubbletop depressor Dell keyboard instead of an older, contact-sensor IBM. Now I feel somewhat inadequate, though this particular friend is so lame that they don't even have an "F" key at all.
Actually, those old IBM keyboards should not be wasted only for an "F" key. You are doing great justice.
Lithium Rain (author)  Okapidragon5 years ago
Tis' the spirit and not the form of the "F" key that matters. :P
i made the necklace about a week ago, and instead i used the Ctrl,Alt,Delete,"J",and various other keys so that i could personalize the necklace to my likeing, i really enjoyed it, thanks for the inspiration! i also added wax to the inside of the key to give it some weight, but when that wears out, im going to replace it with some lead. it gives the key more weight so it doesn't flop around or turn.
Lithium Rain (author)  WrestlerHoney4 years ago
Nice! I like the idea of weighing down the key. I hadn't thought of that - I will give that a try, as this version does tend to flop a bit.
zoltzerino5 years ago
 XKCD rocks my socks, you just made instructables rock my feet...
its not an acronym
Lithium Rain (author)  zoltzerino5 years ago
Hahaha - thanks! :)
Wasagi5 years ago
 Excellent, I shall wear one with me always....
Wasagi Wasagi4 years ago
In fact, I shall wear This one Always!

Lithium Rain (author)  Wasagi4 years ago
I don't know how I missed this comment, but that looks great! Thanks for posting the picture! :D
alix-cool4 years ago
love this idea , i had to try a different strategy cos all i had was a laptop key which is flatter

thanks for the idea :)
keyboard necklace.jpg
Lithium Rain (author)  alix-cool4 years ago
That looks great! Thank you for taking the time to share your version! :)
This is one of my favorite comics.
n8man5 years ago
Great instructable but the truth is you can never escape, if you stay next to the ski lift while going down and outrunning the monsters (I have seen at least 4 at once) you get back to the race courses.
Aronbao5 years ago
it's nice,i'll try it when my keyborad was die.~~!
Lithium Rain (author)  Aronbao5 years ago
Thanks! :D I'd love to see a picture if you do try it.
firefliie5 years ago
OH MY GOD!!! i was looking at the comic of skifree, and i had a flashback!!! i played that when i was really, really, really little!!!!! i just barely remember how bad i sucked at it and how my mom was so much better ;) but i had COMPLETELY forgotten about it until now!!! :D
Lithium Rain (author)  firefliie5 years ago
Hahahahahahahaha glad to trigger happy memories! :D
mitt9545 years ago
Awesome Job, loved that comic and love this pendant
Lithium Rain (author)  mitt9545 years ago
Many thanks! :)
i like the "poky metal instrument" label. i use sharp stabby thing, thus named due to my unintended proclivity to stab myself with with said sharp stabby thing. 
Lithium Rain (author)  handyhippie655 years ago
Heh, thanks. Ah, I'll have to try a sharp stabby thing next time. ;)
Kryptonite5 years ago
Ha ha, anything xkcd related is win. Even if the creator doesn't like Firefox.

I love it! 5/5 for ingenious hole making.
 I think that Randall Munroe does use Firefox, I believe. I doubt that he uses IE though, We should ask him!
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