Xmas-box: Arduino/ioBridge internet controlled Christmas lights and music show

Step 3: Arduino Sketch

Picture of Arduino Sketch
You can download the Arduino Sketch from the bottom of this page (xmas_box.pde).
 You will need the following Arduino Libraries:

- AF_Wave and Wave
- String (formerly TextString)

Here is a run down for the pin connections on the Arduino with WAVE shield on top.

D0(RX) -> ioBridge Serial Board TX
D1(TX )-> ioBridge Serial Board RX

D2-D5 are used by the WAVE shield (they could be changed)
D2 -> LCS
D3 -> CLK
D4 -> DI
D5 -> LAT

xmas-box first 3 channels
D6 -> Channel 1
D7 -> Channel 2
D8 -> Channel 3

FM transmitter ON/OFF
D9 -> 10k resistor -> 2N2222 Base -- Collector and Emitter to FM transmitter switch

WAVE shield
D10 -> CCS

SD card WAVE shield communication (cannot be changed)

Gnd[0] -> Relay daisy chain.
5v pin -> FM transmitter positive
Gnd[1] -> FM transmitter ground
Gnd[2] -> ioBridge Smart Serial Board

Vu Meter
A0 -> R7 1.5K on the WAVE shield to measure output from amplifier. See image.

Analog pins 1-5 are used as digital out for xmas-box channels
A1 = D15 -> Channel 4
A2 = D16 -> Channel 5
A3 = D17 -> Channel 6
A4 = D18 -> Channel 7
A5 = D19 -> Channel 8

Wave shield speaker (mono) to FM transmitter input

phorensyc4 years ago
When I try to upload the sketch to my Arduino, I get multiple error messages:

xmas_box.cpp: In function 'void playComplete(char*)':
xmas_box:167: error: 'class String' has no member named 'append'
xmas_box:196: error: 'class String' has no member named 'append'
xmas_box:198: error: 'class String' has no member named 'append'
xmas_box:199: error: 'class String' has no member named 'append'
xmas_box:200: error: cannot convert 'String' to 'char*' in assignment

I'm using arduino-0021 which supposedly has string class incorporated in it. Do I need to modify the code? If so, please tell me how.
paul904 years ago
what do u connect the first three channel wires up to?
als_liahona5 years ago
Any chance you can upload a schematic so we can get a better feel for how each component interacts?  Thanks.