I'd been looking on Amazon for a handlebar mount for a long time and every time I order it, it goes out of stock. Then I saw this article (https://www.instructables.com/id/EAKFO4VEB6EP306G7G/) and was inspired. I decided to use a different approach though, because I don't want to modify my gps unit in any way.

This is an almost entirely made from scratch solution that didn't cost me anything to make. Of course it helps if you already have some tools. :)

Step 1: Parts List

some sturdy scrap metal. Mine is a piece of brass about 1mm thick, though you could use probably any kind of sheet metal.

a cheap handlebar mounted reflector or similar thing. Mine came with my bike as a freebie to mark the place where your headlight should go.

two machine screws with matching hex nuts or the like.

a means for cutting metal, I used a jeweler's hand saw
pliers or metal bending tool
spray paint

your front forks are the wrong way round
I have had a crack at this very useful instructable, but dispensed with the clamp and used cable ties to secure the mount to the the handle bars. I also used a piece of motorcycle tyre to prevent the gps from falling out.  
it is called a profile gauge<br />
This is a good winter project before Geocaching season in the spring. I really struggled to keep the GPSr stable where I could read it on trails. Thanks
it's a depth gauge
THIS IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST AND USEFUL (and EASIEST) THINGS I"VE SEEN ON INSTRUCTABLES!!!!! And, I have the perfect use. I'm sure you know what Geocaching is (since you have a GPSr) And I just bought a bike rack, so now, I have the ultimate mounting systems I did have one question. Is it easy to put in and take out the GPSr?
Thank you! Yes, it is easy to slide in and out. The brass is bent so that it is a snug fit, but the metal is just flexible enough to let you slide it out easily by pushing along the side. It worked well for me.
Any thoughts on using a Nuvi 680 on a HD Softail?
Hmm.. Cool. I wonder how long the battery lasts on that one with that great big screen. I'm surprised they don't seem to have a handlebar mount for it, that's a silly oversight. I picked up a handlebar mount for my handheld garmin at REI (the bike shown above was stolen a year and half ago along with my gps mounting contraption). Barring that, I think this design could be adapted to the Nuvi with a wider width of sheet metal.
What keeps the GPS from sliding out the sides?
Oh, well you can't tell from the photo, but the brass is really sproingy and holds it in pretty snugly. It worked really well. Bike's been stolen since then. :( But it was very effective.

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