Yo-yo Light Spiral


Introduction: Yo-yo Light Spiral

this is a very simple light effect for a yo-yo that can be glued or taped on.

Step 1: Materials

for this project, you will need normal desk tape (or duct tape, whatever will hold it on) you can also use epoxy or other glue.
battery (i used a 3 volt button battery)
switch (optional)
a yo-yo

Step 2: Putting It Together

attach the switch if you have one.
Wire it to the battery.
Tape or glue it to the yo-yo.

And your done!

In the dark, your yo-yo will make a spiral shaped light.

here's my yo-yo in mid spin.

Enjoy :)



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    8 Discussions


    11 years ago

    Plus.. making it yourself is always much more fun than buying it :P

    yes but they are usually cheep and worthless if you are a yoyo fan you can buy a good yoyo and use this simple mod


    11 years ago

    Don't they sell yo-yos with ligths in them already? For less than $5 or $10 a pop, it almost seems more worth while to just buy it.

    sorry couldn't think of it's name off hand


    11 years ago

    nice however its more of a centrifugal force switch

    if you get a light weight spring and a sodering iron you can make a switch that will kick on when ever you trow it 1 spring 1 thin metal rod 1 peace of wood or circuit board push the rod through the center of either take come pliers and straiten out some of the spring and slip it around the rod (of course you want one ot 2 sizes biger for the spring to have soace) now pish the stratend end though and soder the pos to the sprin and the neg to the rod. there you go one gravity switch