pitiful isn't it ,i made a huge mistake man!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

isn,t it obvious

Step 2: Kut

kut 1 side

Step 3: Water and Glue

mix a few water with glue

Step 4: Now You Have This

cut this out

Step 5: Scronging Time

make tiny sausages or like it with newspaper and cover or stick it to the sword wit tape

Step 6: After Step 5

cover sword with tissue and w&g; mixture *aka:paper mache*

Step 7: Optional

if you don't want to wait too long for it to dry, hang the "un-paper mached" part by sticking it to a hanging object using tape

Step 8: And Alas

you finished it just paint what ever color and optional: make a scabbard
Sarcastic voice: best 30 seconds of my life!
cmon i wanna make this cmon add f'n pix
no pics , wow how cool
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I also Flagged as incomplete
yay lol
it would be good if it had pictures edit it
if this is a finished instructable, no one will be able to understand it. That's just the way it is. Pictures are needed for anyone to know what your talking about, especially if all one will use is pronouns. It's just not finished for any real human to understand or comrehend.
Ummmm..... what?
maybe its the fact that theres <strong>NO PICTURES?</strong><br/>
Yeah, and I don't get the instructions
ooh, thats a good one too...(not trying to hate but its true...)
wtf? i got a email and it said you said terrible to me but you said it to do_not_turn_off_the_power. wtf?
dont get it but nice you need pix
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