my best knex gun yet.(i am not responceable for anything stuped you do with this gun like shoot proprty anamles yourself ect.)
i also need to give credit to jedff,reiben and dsman19527.
good luck! :)

Step 1: The Handle

picture 1.make this
picture 2 and 3.make this
picture 4.make these
picture 5,6,7 and 8 .put it together.
picture 9,10 and 11.add this.

Step 2: Bodey

picture 1,2 and 3 .make this
picture 4. make this (just cut the top of a 2 way connector off)
picture 5.add a normal 2 way connector on to the cut one.
picture 6.add these.
picture 7.just put the 2 things together

Step 3: Fireing Pin

simple, just make it. (the blue end piece is optional.)

Step 4: Triger Sistme

picture 1 and 2. make this.
picture 3. make this.
picture 4,5 and 6.put them together.
picture 7.add this.

Step 5: Put It Together


Step 6: How to Load and Shoot

pull back the fireing pin slide the 2 way conecter in the gap so it blocks the pin. then put a blue rod in the barrel and pull the trigger.
made this yesterday... The barrel was... well nothing to be desired so i made a new barrel for it and now its pretty cool! Thanks<br />
i made some great mods for this gun want me to post
plz post mods
sorry took it apart to make a cross bow
let me guess in the small box in the intro on the second pic is says hi
the small box\
witch small box? btw plz post mods. i have some too.
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/K_nex-XBow/">this</a>he he sorry i took it a part to make <br/>
what is in the small one
no, don't have time.
no problem, i understand. just make sure it happens. and doing a spell check would help. people will be a lot more willing to read this if they don't have to figure out what words they are.
you have to give credit to people you copied off of...

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