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about two years ago i made this bench (and video) out of reclaimed barn wood using only old-fashioned tools and zero electricity just because i felt like it. i was just posting a different vid and i saw the 'hand tools' contest so i figured i'd post this to throw into the contest. thanks! -tim


Bike2work (author)2014-08-24

Awesome! No electricity, great grandpa would have been proud. Nice sturdy bench. I noticed the quick-grip-clamp-iphone-camera-stand... Brilliant!

timsway (author)Bike2work2014-08-25

oh, and you might like my "hat cam" - i drilled a hole in an old hat and ran a bolt and through it to mount a cheap camera for POV shots ;-)

Bike2work (author)timsway2014-08-29

OMG its like a DIY "Go Pro" :) That is sweet!

timsway (author)Bike2work2014-08-25

that particular bench could double as an automobile jackstand! thanks for 'getting it' ;-) -tim

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-23

It turned out really lovely, and I love the challenge of no electricity. Thanks for sharing!

thanks for watching! i also have a whole series of vids i did with free wood and inexpensive hand tools. so many of the how-to vids require fancy and expensive stuff; making things is accessible on every budget!

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