zip ties are dead usefull, but are the also beautifull?
rather not.

one day i was bored and wanted to make something and the next best thing lying around were zip ties and with a little try and error i found a way to convert the ties into beautifull flower resembling shapes that can be made into broches and pendants. just like the story of the ugly duckling.

so have fun making your own zip tie jewelry.

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here is how:

Step 1: Ingredients

- zip ties (the smaller the width-length ratio the better) - i used glow in the dark ones for extra coolness
- hot glue
- brooch needles
- jump rings & pliers
- scissors
<p>This was a super cool idea and I'm so glad I found it! It took some trial and error for myself but I'm really liking the way these turned out!</p>
<p>Love it! I can't wait to try it!</p>
<p>if I ca find some zip ties I will make this</p>
Where can I get these cable ties?
everywhere. at least in germany you can buy them at every bigger shop. defenitely at a construction supply/ hardware store. or an electronics shop.
This is just so badass!
This is so creative!
thank you all for the nice feedback!
so cool and clever! this gives me ideas, thanks!
Great work. <br>I thought it was going to involve loads of small zip-ties, and was expecting all the fastenings to be hidden at the back or something, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was made with only a few :-)
Amazing! it looks like jade.
This is ingenious! Great idea!!
That is uber fun and fancy! The fact it glows in the dark just makes it that much more awesome :D
Awesome ible! I love it :)

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