ok here is how to make a really easy speaker that I got out of a old stereo.

Step 1: Getting Started

first you will need a.

ziplock box any size will do,
soldering iron,
input plug for your ipod/computer,
hot glue gun,
axzato knife and
paint if you so choose.

if you don't know what a input plug looks like look at the pictures bellow.
i did it just as you said, but it still won't work. my brother said that it needs a power source, like a battery or a power outlet plug. what should i do to make it work? <br>
please leave comments :)
How many of you have built my speaker?
You might want to change the title of your Instructable, as this is made from a ziplog bag <strong>box</strong>, not the bag itself as the name suggests.<br/>
3 questions: you didn't make a speaker but an enclosure, right? Why did you use amirror to take the pictures? And: Does ANYONE on here use spellcheck?
sorry I had to use the computer to take the pictures. ya I took that speaker out of a stereo and did some soldering so my ipod would work.

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