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zombie halloween costume

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    u can buy that costume everywhere!!!
    u only maked the face:-\

    i dont mean to bust the party but i have seen this costume on sales and websites so i dont know how it is a finalist, however the mask is removed

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    yea seriously...no offense, nice photos but aside from the make up this is store bought

    Definitely one of the coolest kids in the entire world. Hands down!

    I would be really freaked if I saw a kid in that costume running after me. :O

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     yea he did a lot of freaking out

    its just the face homemade it sucks

    "Brians... Brians!" "It's 'Brains', not 'Brians'." "Oh, sorry. I must have read the script wrong. Moannning, Moannning!"

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    WHY WONT YOU ADOPT MEE!!! your kids get every thing :D you must be a great dad and hsve alot of spare time ( and cash ) heheh

    Looks like a great actor in the making! BRRRAAAAIIIINNNNNSSSSSSS!!!!


    Hi, all your pics came out sideways. Can you rotate them so they are correct?

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    man i don't know what is up with Instructables, but i have rotated the images 4 times and they still publish sideways... sorry

    man that is one cool little kid! awesome job on the costume.

    yea a 9 year old at the time, he really wanted to scare people that halloween and he did.