zombie halloween costume
u can buy that costume everywhere!!!<br>u only maked the face:-\
brains? <br>zombies were people too.....
i dont mean to bust the party but i have seen this costume on sales and websites so i dont know how it is a finalist, however the mask is removed
yea seriously...no offense, nice photos but aside from the make up this is store bought
Definitely one of the coolest kids in the entire world. Hands down!
I would be really freaked if I saw a kid in that costume running after me. :O<br />
&nbsp;yea he did a lot of freaking out
its just the face homemade it sucks
"Brians... Brians!" "It's 'Brains', not 'Brians'." "Oh, sorry. I must have read the script wrong. Moannning, Moannning!"
WHY WONT YOU ADOPT MEE!!! your kids get every thing :D you must be a great dad and hsve alot of spare time ( and cash ) heheh
Looks like a great actor in the making! BRRRAAAAIIIINNNNNSSSSSSS!!!!
Hi, all your pics came out sideways. Can you rotate them so they are correct?
turn your head like me :P
man i don't know what is up with Instructables, but i have rotated the images 4 times and they still publish sideways... sorry
man that is one cool little kid! awesome job on the costume.
is that a child?
yea a 9 year old at the time, he really wanted to scare people that halloween and he did.
Wow, great job! So far your Slideshows have been amazing, I can't wait to see more!

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