have you ever needed to mack a pack for surviving the zombie apocalypse?
of course you have!

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Step 1: Supplies

1 foot of PVC pipe
1 PVC pipe cap
1 PVC pipe screw in lid
1 can of primer
1 piece of sandpaper
3 feet of rope

Step 2: Prep

sandpaper the end of the PVC pipe on both sides

Step 3: Adhesive

put some primer in the cap and hole thing for the screw and let it dry then add the thin layer of cement in the cap and hole

Step 4: Combine

put the hole and cap on and let dry you should be able to put the screw in the hole and unscrew it also should be water proof

Step 5: Finish

if you want you can tie the rope around the pipe
fill it with essential needs like batteries water knife bandages cloth Twinkie pocket-radios lighter

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<p>You should add Teflon tape (available at Loews, Home Depot or any hardware store) to keep the threads water tight. Great for burying in the back 40.</p>
<p>will do!</p>
<p>If you keep m small enough, you can store m in your (wooden) doors inside your house! Find a drill the same diameter as your widest part of the container and drill a hole in the top of your door, deep enough so that the container will fit inside. Put the container in and close the door; voila!</p>
<p>that is good thank you will try </p>
<p>anyone know how to submit it to the contest apocalypse preparedness?</p>
i<br>the contest button is next to the post button. contest must be entered there. it claims the ible must be made after the contest is created.
<p>great kit</p>
<p>thank you</p>
DERP. Sorry for that second messege
<p>plz follow me!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>hahahahaha its OK, it happens to everyone!</p>
How did you make this with computer or phone?
<p>I did it on my tablet</p>
How did you make this with computer or phone?
<p>I made it</p>

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