This is a simple kit for the Armageddon to come. I personally made this kit based on the zombie survival guide's requirements.
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Step 1: FOOD

This is a must for anytime if your traveling or have a temporary barricade.

the best foods to pack are non-perishables and make sure that the zombies didnt touch your food
that means the food is contaminated and should not be eaten.

Step 2: RADIO

preferably i would use a weather radio that has a crank-up powerd dynamo.
never get one that is wall plug or battery powerd , only crank-up dynamo's will be sufficent.


Now this chapter is entirely up to you , the book says the rifle ,but some say the shotgun is the best in the world. The machine gun is almost the worst gun to pick because it's lack of headshots and the fact it sucks in ammo like a vacuum cleaner.
the shotgun is entirely different case , its shells are heavy when your carrying hundreds of those , but its head splattering capacity is unbeatable , so its good when the time comes.
semi automatic rifle (ex. mauser 98k , or any good old 7mm) are the best for range, accuracy, kill ratio,and head-splattering action. The pistol is should and only be used as a back-up weapon, theirs multiple reasons ,like the fact its hard to aim,low magizine capacity and the fact it sucks at range, makes the pistol as crappity as crap gets.


of coarse its good to have something to cover your butt when a zombie tries to bite you, the crowbar is a good weapon (don't flame gary's mod) but bladed weapons are preferred above all weapons the best zombie-shanker is the trench spike used in world war 1, it was designed to pierce thru steel helmets (you get the picture) but their almost the hardest to find actual "battle-hardened" no I'm not talking about stainless steel (stainless steel sucks at everything except being a "display" item) I'm talking about real steel ( or Titanium which is harder to find good trench spikes alone, makes it harder.) I recommend you trie to make your own, or trie to find a local blacksmith.
regular combat knives are nice to get , about 7-8 inches would be ideal , but regular fold-up ,or even basilong knives are better then nothing!


Okay theirs certain locations to fall out like a water tower or a 2-story house. i recommend a isolated place like a oil rig or a artificial island
1#destroy stairs
2#stock and catalog inventory
3#wear earplugs (to stop insanity ,it will be valuable asset)
4#train in everything that you know
5#Dont be a fool
6#dont act violently (save it on the head humpers)
7#use your head, cut off theirs!
8#stay out of noise-makeing machines cough cars cough
9# stay entertained (not like killing is fun, just take a break of it)
10# This is important stay out of buses,cars and semis enough zombies could push those around or clog the tires with flesh, which would be a beacon for zombies

this is all you need to know about defending and staying in a specific location for extended periods of time.

Step 6: Vehicles

off the start, use reusable or self generated energy, so you can use less gas (petroleum jelly is loud, not reusable and is hard to find in a world devastation, perfect zombie beacon)
For vehicles i recommend the helium-powered-good-old-airship like the Hindaberg or those annoying advertisement airships that people say look "gay" but that "gay" thing in the sky is going to save your butt so many ways. Never use gas-operated vehicles ,their existence is a nuisance to human kind because they "help" us move around, personally , carry your own fat blubber around, your killing the planet.


The stuff in here can be a life-saver, do not ignore this section, it will save your zombie-bitten butt.
1#flashlight(preferably LED light or crank-up)
4# first-aid-kit
6#books (stay entertained)
8#fire starters (flint is okay)
9# extra clothes( only because you do not want to go to a chick and say "oh this? i was killing zombie %& with this!"


okay i hope you have a good zombie brain-splattering time with the horde.
i am new so if i cant do something, teach me
if you get mad ,well thats your problem.
Eww! I hate zombies, and they're inpossible
Uhh... Don't the props on blimps need fuel, and wouldn't a silenced pistol and a semi auto solenced m4 be best for combat
ya rap sucks!!!!!!
i would not use a k-bar my wepon is base ball bat with nails or ninga stars installed
I think you're all forgetting that zombies don't exist :) but if they did a large bludgeoning weapon or a crowbar for sure. Why? well in most movies/ games i've played were there are zombie, the best way to "kill" them is to completely knock them to pieces in which case a bludgeon weapon is your best bet.
games are fake and so are movies. the only time youd want a bludgeon weapon is if you cant use a sword or machete without cutting your own arm off.
Movies lie all the time and you trust them?
i mean they are illegal but if zombies come then laws dont matter anymore just have a bayonet on your gun cause then you have a few extra feet between you and it and more leverage istead of a couple inches from you and undeadness
Can you use a kitchen knife? If no, then I'm screwed
PLEASE DON'T USE SHOTGUN! (because one zombie killed will attract a 1 mile radius of zombies to kill, I don't want anyone getting killed because of this.)
Ok, about your comment that machine guns are bad for lack of head shots, that is stupid. If you are a good shot, you will hit the head. An LMG accurately fired in bursts is more dangerous that any other weapon (against groups). Since zombies never hunt alone, a bolt action is relatively useless, a shotgun good, but still you're gonna be let down when 50 odd zombies run at you. A modified .22 automatic with 100 round drum loaded with.22 long rifle (NOT short rounds) has virtually no kickback, is light, ammo easy to find and can fire for long time without needing reload. Also, .22's need little repair and cleaning, and are easy to find.
One I don’t have a blimp. Two, I no clue how to operate a blimp. Three, How is petroleum jelly loud? Four the Hindenburg was not filled with helium. Five, I can park a car in place I can’t get a blimp. Six you can fire a gun from a car and I can guess it would be mildly difficult to do a drive by on a blimp. Seven, how are cars a nuisance to man kind?
like the others said you can make an makeshift exsplosive liquid, spray it all over the zombies, make an air proof igniter and BURN BABY BURN!!!!!!!!
air proof so it doesn't go out when it falls through the air
i might make an instructable on how to make a specialized ignighter that can be dropped and hit desinated target area
<div style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); padding-top: 5px; padding-right: 5px; padding-bottom: 5px; padding-left: 5px; margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; ">&nbsp;Cars can be loud and possibly attract attention not to mention in a zday scenario it might be difficult to find gas for car and even then when you do get there to fill it you leave yourself exposed, and even then theres another problem for most pumps it take electricity to operate the pump, can not count on electricity &nbsp;being there, Blimp is a good idea if you can find one if not get to a boat, Blimps are still around although can be rare, a dridgeable, a smaller blimp might be able to make one yourself, if taken that route i would suggest makeing a few smaller prototypes, mock scale sort of thing, and as for a weapon being used from a vehicle a blimb is slow enough moving and out of reach where you can adjust your altitude and take careful aim and pick off Zombies at your leisure, as well as you could make your own molotov cocktail concoction&nbsp;</div>
Is this some kind of bad joke? With all the deserted cars laying around you can't find one with a tank of gas?
what, and hotwire it if you knew how, leaving yourself out in the open for 5 minutes? then making a massive sound that echoes once you start it? huh?
<p><span style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 9pt">I&nbsp;realize the gas issue on account of I have seen all the mad max movies, however, the whole blimp idea is total bullshit because where I live I have never seen a blimp just lying around, I still don&rsquo;t know how to fly a blimp, and&nbsp;did you stop to think what fuel blimps use? Also I don&rsquo;t know if you understand this but you&rsquo;re never going single handedly build a blimp that will actually take you exactly where you want to go.<o:p></o:p></span></p>
<div style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); padding-top: 5px; padding-right: 5px; padding-bottom: 5px; padding-left: 5px; margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; ">Blimps can use a number of diffrent fuel types, between gas for the old style blimps and as well as solar for the newer forms, as for not seeing any blimps in your area, im truly sorry for that, i havent either, does not make it invalid for people that have access to it, and as for building your own, you can build a class of duridgable, IE a hot air balloon, and i have seen plenty of those around here. &nbsp;Like i said in my past one, if you cannot get to a Blimp a boat is also a very good option, not trying to start an argument but merley discussing options and ideas in an open forum for the hope of survivalist to take some ideas away from this.&nbsp;as for the Blimp or your own homemade hot air balloon, who says you want to go anywhere but up, a high high is a safe way to be off the ground and away from teh chompin zombies. Not to mention a very nice sentry post. There was a man who made a lawn chair Balloon in his own backyard. Mythbusters did an episode on it.</div>
<a href="http://www.ahausa.com/">http://www.ahausa.com/</a><br> is a good source for blimps/ airships
I was wondering if anyone has made a airship with solar panels on the top half of one of those to power electric motors?
when i say electric i mean for the propellers. though where to find extra/replacement helium
A.) good movie pic. choice<br>B.) where am I sopposed to find one<br>C.) where to find an electric one<br><br>p.s. stock up on cheap solar panels and a long wire(maybe some alligator clips)<br>and BOOM power source<br><br>
a shotgun is an awfull weapon against zombies for its lack of aim and that it shoots shots, you also have to reload it more often. iow if you run out of ammo on your turn to be rambo, your screwed.
Obviously never handled a shotgun, have you? It's nothing like it is in call of duty. In fact, they are pretty accurate. Not like a rifle, of course, but it won't spray apart a bunch if you're just 10 feet away.
ive handeld multiple shotguns, and if i was killing zombies, i would use a high <br>powerd rifle, or a 22 because a 22 will go into the skull and bounce around shreding the brain, and it can shoot a mile
yes this is true, but the range where it can penetrate a human/zombie skull is considerably less than a mile range, try about the same range a shotgun could disable about, oh FIVE ZOMBIES!
good point, but, a shotgun would only wound them,u would have 2 shoot them wultiple times before they died (again) lol, plus the shot gun is loud and zombies are atracted to sound, other guns are loud 2, but not like a shotgun. <br>
although i could say the shotgun is one of the loudest, that wouldn't be accurate....<br>The ultimate Zombie-slaying firearm, The M-1 Garand, possibly is the most loudest gun to fire simply because of it's cartridge, the 30-06 is about twice as long as the Ak-47 round, and about twice as lethal, its nick-name in WW2 was the &quot;two-man-killer&quot; because the round itself has the power to pass through the target and kill a another target.<br><br>this is great, but most stores don't stock 30-06, because its such a big round, and almost all stores that sell ammunition wouldn't fail to stock 12 gauge buckshot.
ive got to call B.S. go to any walmart and you can buy as many rounds as you want all day long i know b/c that is my primary/hunting rifle(sighted in at 1in drop at 300yd )and around october-november most of the time you dont even have to ask a sales manager, they put them out on a shelf.<br>
yeah, true, a machine gun is on of the worst choices becaus of the fact that they are illigal in the public so ther is no way u could find ammo, a shot gun would be awsome, WOULD, the only thing is, if you run out of ammo on your turn to be &quot;legend&quot; (i am legend) yuor screwed, mabie as a sideweapon though <br>
well your partially true, it depends on the machine gun, if its a squad automatic weapon, or also known as the saw, it uses the .223 Remington, which isn't that uncommon, and anyway my primary is a mossberg 9-shot shotgun and a .454 cassual taurus revolver with 7 shot....<br><br>i don't think you know what the .454 is, but it is one of the most biggest revovler rounds, this thing can put a grizzly bear into hades, just to give you an idea of its power...
a 300wsm will kill anything in america, i bet they culd kill a zombie too, but they r rlly frikin loud
Dude, if you can get your hands on a metalstorm, you'd be taking out continents filled with zombies, man! (but, at 1,000,000 rounds per second, god help the ammo store)
The SAW isn't a weapon, it is a class of weapon. The weapon I think you are referring to is the m249, which is chambered in 5.56/.223, and is the American armies' current Squad Automatic Weapon.There are plenty of SAW's which are chambered in larger rounds, with one of the first SAW's, the m1919 browning being chambered in .30 browning.
yeah sorry about that, the only S.A.W. i knew was the Rpk.......the Rpk is the zombie fuckulator as we all know.... <br> <br>(Note: I'm making a new Instructable about this hotly debatable topic about zombies, anyway the Rpk Is a AK Squad Automatic weapon, it is about as awesome as it is hard to come by in the U.S.A. that is if you don't know where to look) <br> <br>Thanks jellybean for informing me about more gun-knowledge!
my primary wold be either a 44 cal or a nerf gun (lol), my secondary would be a 12 gauge shotgun, or a nine mil, both easy to find ammo for and pretty powrful... <br>
then, when push comes to shove and im forced into mellie i would use a crowbar or a mechetee
Yeah, deer slugs are beastly
if u are good at this type of thing, a hunting bow would be a good choise cause its next to silent
Note to everyone about this instructable, COD doesn't protect you from zombies, basic survival skill and knowledge and practice with a firearm does however.
Correct, A tight choke barrel firing #00 buckshot would be very lethal, provided you aim around the head area. The use of a solid slug in a rifled shotgun barrel would provide excellent accuracy aswell.
he he head humpers
You could always just drive a pickup into them...
i like your style
Get a Barrett 50. Cal. Extremely powerful, (enough to peirce a tank! Woa!!) extreme range, but heavy. But, if in doubt, psg1 or L96A1.
first of all where the hell are you gonna get one or afford one, and you only need something to get through the skull so just a .22 will work <br>
Where do you think you get one? Nowhere! That is why you don't! <br>But if somehow you do have one, very very handy.

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