of coarse its good to have something to cover your butt when a zombie tries to bite you, the crowbar is a good weapon (don't flame gary's mod) but bladed weapons are preferred above all weapons the best zombie-shanker is the trench spike used in world war 1, it was designed to pierce thru steel helmets (you get the picture) but their almost the hardest to find actual "battle-hardened" no I'm not talking about stainless steel (stainless steel sucks at everything except being a "display" item) I'm talking about real steel ( or Titanium which is harder to find good trench spikes alone, makes it harder.) I recommend you trie to make your own, or trie to find a local blacksmith.
regular combat knives are nice to get , about 7-8 inches would be ideal , but regular fold-up ,or even basilong knives are better then nothing!
i would not use a k-bar my wepon is base ball bat with nails or ninga stars installed
Pittcrew5 years ago
I think you're all forgetting that zombies don't exist :) but if they did a large bludgeoning weapon or a crowbar for sure. Why? well in most movies/ games i've played were there are zombie, the best way to "kill" them is to completely knock them to pieces in which case a bludgeon weapon is your best bet.
games are fake and so are movies. the only time youd want a bludgeon weapon is if you cant use a sword or machete without cutting your own arm off.
repear9 (author)  Pittcrew4 years ago
Movies lie all the time and you trust them?
oud253 years ago
i mean they are illegal but if zombies come then laws dont matter anymore just have a bayonet on your gun cause then you have a few extra feet between you and it and more leverage istead of a couple inches from you and undeadness
andybuda4 years ago
andybuda4 years ago

play me
andybuda4 years ago

for when the zombies turn up
xarlock6674 years ago
When selecting a bladed weapon remember REACH is a factor. I would have to be DAMNED close to plant a trench spike in a skull. A machette is a better choice, and a sword is a better choice than that. You might also consider a spear or glaive. Yes I know they went out of style about 6 centuries ago, but spears give MAD REACH, and they can be used over and over again. A glaive is like a big meat cleaver on a stick. It can stab, but it can also sever limbs and heads. The Japanese had one of the best, it was called a Naginata. Excellent weapons.

Given the choice and time, I would carry a naginata, a Nodachi (Like a katana but bigger), and a Kodachi (Short sword). I would also train so that I could use said weapons effectively. Swing a sword for a few hours like you mean it and you will be completely exhausted. Training helps.
repear9 (author)  xarlock6674 years ago
Well at least some one has done research! good job... i'm making a revised instructable of this one, the information on this one is old and most information on this one instructable is false, so after 8 months im making a new one.

I personally would rather have a uchigatana or a tachi if i knew how to sharpen a Japanese blade, which if i might add sharpening a Japanese blade, is a craft in its own right, it usually takes FOUR YEARS of apprenticeship to even know the basics of sharpening a katana, tachi, uchigatana, or even a nodachi, which if i might say the nodachi would be to cumbersome for me.
I am about 5'10, and about 200lbs. I can take a head with a kodachi (Short Sword) because I practice a LOT and because I have had professional instruction. Most people that practice kenjutsu of any school cannot manage it with anything less than a katana.

The reason is really simple, I am a big guy, and I have extra power to add to good technique, and I practice a LOT. Assuming you are NOT me, and are perhaps smaller, do NOT practice much at all, and do not have a quality blade, you need to do the following:

1) Practice tameshigiri. Take long dead grass, weave it into matts about 2'x3-6' and soak them in water over night. Then tie them to a 1"-3" diameter bamboo pole about the height range you are going to be cutting. Stick them in the ground, and start cutting. When you can sever it cleanly every time, you are getting GOOD TECHNIQUE. You will not impress a master, BUT you can say with confidence you can sever a head, arm etc...

2) A sword is not a damned axe. An axe cuts with just impact force against a wedge. A sword is a LONG BLADE. It cuts more like a cleaver, strike and slide the blade into the cut, or pull it into the cut (Depending on where the blade struck in relation to its center) and PRESS FIRMLY. There should be enough force to cause your opponent to be shoved backward. Practice untill it becomes one motion.

3) Little people need BIGGER weapons. All weapons feel a bit unwieldy at first. Get used to the weapon and it will feel more natural over time. Little people cannot sever a head with a little sword. Also they have to consider the reach of their opponent. They need to score a kill before they are over run. Either a pole arm like a Naginata, or perhaps a long hammer. Not a sledge type, but a ball peen on a 6' stick would do nicely for cracking skulls. BUT PRACTICE!

I will see if I can find good reference material for you and post it if I do.
repear9 (author)  xarlock6674 years ago
thanks... i'm currently 6'4 and 170 lbs, i am not as heavy as you, but i am about to start training in kenjutsu.

You really know your stuff! number 1, 2 and 3 are both well-done comments, notice that this instructable is flawed in many ways, i am currently working on a new one.
You need to learn from a master. Sadly there are not many around today that are worth a crap. I recommend the Book of Five Rings. You can get a copy free from www.nitoichiryu.com . One of my instructors runs it, and it is his own personal translation. Unlike most it strives to make the meaning clear rather than just translate word for word verbatim.

The chapter that needs to concern you is the Water Chapter. It is all about the sword, and how to use it. It is INSANE in detail, and the author makes it very clear what is meant. The rest of the book is on battlefield tactics, and should DEFINITELY be read, as that is how you are likely to be fighting anyway! On the ground, with sword in hand, taking heads and trying not to get bit!

I would give a real e-mail, as he is making his knowledge available to people that want it for the first time, and he is making a news letter. It will contain info on swords, techniques, ARMOR, and strategy. Good deal all around.

I will happily answer any other sword related questions you have.
repear9 (author)  xarlock6674 years ago
i read that book... great advice for the people who want to invest time into surviving the apocalypse, most people don't want to invest precious time into something that "will never happen" those type of people deserve to be shot on site, they have no hope for their future and are about as mindless as zombies.

Thanks for the offer, i now know basic knowledge on how to craft katana, tachi, uchigatana, and shinobigatana.

note that i have a new and improved instructable on this site, its called "the revised zombie survival "kit" '

The newer improved version is way more descriptive the this one.
bendog384 years ago
how about a Marine Corps Ka-bar combat knife???
tabler10106 years ago
“but bladed weapons are preferred above all weapons” No most knives are a bad idea and I would never use a knife instead of a gun in a fight against a zombie. Also, knife vs. crowbar defiantly a crowbar because it has better reach, you can use it to pry stuff such as manholes and doors, you do not need to sharpen it, and I would say a crowbar is more deadly if used right. However both are bad weapons in my opinion because with either you need to get to close to use.
Mechettes and battle ready swords are the best. Not guns. But hey that's just my opinion, if you want zombies to hear your shots from miles away so they can slowly close in on your position l, be my guest.
LoneWolf5 years ago
There's no such thing as a combat folding knife.
Baddi5 years ago
 just use a light saber
If you've ever used a brass knuckle you'll realize that not only the thing you are trying to hit is broken, so is your fingers & wrist.

so this thing has zero range, requires skill & brute strength to use correctly, and when used correctly it will HURT.

great choice
actually brass knuckles if designed properly they don't hurt you at all
inumaru6 years ago
damn, where can i get one of these?
mephistocat6 years ago
Or steel tonfa. :3 Block and bludgeon, all at the same time~!
Doc G6 years ago
how about a old fashion katana or a long hidden blade (is very useful for headhits or decapitation)
forgoten6 years ago
umm titanium isn't very hard. its strong and light. STRONG NOT HARD. there's a difference but they are easily confused. ..take diamond for example hardest thing known to man. most people can break it with a hammer.titainum should never be used with knives. if so the knives will not hold an edge and the cutting ability is very low. stainless steel actualy is a better component for knives than titanium, also its ver expensive.but you are corect about the trench knife it is VERY effective against zombies because of its thickness. that thickness will allow for the knife to be pulled out effectively. t