okay i hope you have a good zombie brain-splattering time with the horde.
i am new so if i cant do something, teach me
if you get mad ,well thats your problem.
dommy4 years ago
You could always just drive a pickup into them...
i like your style
senseisean5 years ago
Not a bad 'ible at all.  However this one, like so many of these, leave out what I see to be a vital part of survival equipment: Armor.  It's vital if you plan on doing any hunting or scavenging.  Just to be clear, I don't mean a knight's suit of arms.  The ideal armor for this kind of environment (imho) is motorcycle gear.  Mesh jacket with reinforced joints (bite proof), gloves with polycarbonate or high density plastic knuckles (you could remove a finger from one to enable trigger-pulling), helmet, boots (not necessarily bike boots, just some kind of boot).  You could always make your own bags/slings out of duct tape and scavenged materials to make it easier to get to your supplies while on the move in your armor.
it also leaves out repopulation. :P
well that bit is easy im certainly taking my girl with me an all the rest comes quite easily.
tabler10106 years ago
I dont think you know much about zombies or warfare. Its ok just take clases and read books to learn more about the subjects you teach.
I'm curious... what do you know about zombies?  If there ever is a "zombie" outbreak, what will the rules be?  It's really impossible to prepare completely for a zombie outbreak when the definition of what a zombie is isn't set in stone.  Throughout movie and literature history, zombies have varied dramatically. From Haitian voodoo victims, to bite-transferred viral infections, to air-borne contagions, to demonic possessions of the recently deceased.  This 'ible is a good start for a survival plan.  The rest is up to you to modify/add as needed to adjust for the type of outbreak and for your particular abilities/disabilities.
I reccomend going out and buying the Zombie Survival guide by Max Brooks if you want details.