Yeah, don't ask about the name.

This is pretty much like anyother knex pistol out there; true trigger, sights and a semi-comfy handle that is on a bunch of pistols on instructables.
yes yes instructions plz <br>
wot wos dat (my bad) du nu nu nu nu du nu nu nu nu du nunu nu nu nu da da da da1
i dont want to look stupid but where is the picture zorgen-what knex pistol is that your last name or something
alrighty, sooo firstly the slideshow is messed for reasons unknown as i said below and zorgenflarg is definatley not my last name, whoever has the last name "zorgenflarg" leads a very, very unfortunate life, you may now carry on with your life :D
If/when I reproduce, I'm going to name my kid zorgenflarg just for the weird factor as well as the fun nicknames. And the horribly complicated spelling for anybody under ten years old.<br />
for that i deem you officially awesome <br />
Thank you. Thank you very much.<br />
<h2><span class="mw-headline">ROTMFFLMMFAOOVFL</span></h2>
Exactly.<br />
alright i just need to take pikes and well....learn how to get the pics up
maybe i can post? but im askin first
go right ahead dude
i made
okeej XD
YO THAT IS SO COOL, but i see nothing XD
yeah the slideshow is messed, i dunno why

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