Picture of zorgenflarg knex pistol
pistol bands.jpg
pistol sights.jpg
Yeah, don't ask about the name.

This is pretty much like anyother knex pistol out there; true trigger, sights and a semi-comfy handle that is on a bunch of pistols on instructables.
(YOUR N4 years ago
wot wos dat (my bad) du nu nu nu nu du nu nu nu nu du nunu nu nu nu da da da da1
knexpert16 years ago
i dont want to look stupid but where is the picture zorgen-what knex pistol is that your last name or something
freakinslop (author)  knexpert16 years ago
alrighty, sooo firstly the slideshow is messed for reasons unknown as i said below and zorgenflarg is definatley not my last name, whoever has the last name "zorgenflarg" leads a very, very unfortunate life, you may now carry on with your life :D
If/when I reproduce, I'm going to name my kid zorgenflarg just for the weird factor as well as the fun nicknames. And the horribly complicated spelling for anybody under ten years old.
freakinslop (author)  mettaurlover5 years ago
for that i deem you officially awesome
Thank you. Thank you very much.


stopanator5 years ago
alright i just need to take pikes and well....learn how to get the pics up
stopanator5 years ago
maybe i can post? but im askin first
freakinslop (author)  stopanator5 years ago
go right ahead dude
stopanator6 years ago
i made
freakinslop (author)  stopanator6 years ago
okeej XD
YO THAT IS SO COOL, but i see nothing XD
freakinslop (author)  entenie-19956 years ago
yeah the slideshow is messed, i dunno why
Jesus.6 years ago