Instead Of A Pen Gun Try A Pencil Gun!!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

-1 mechanical pencil 5mm
-1 ink stick thing
-1 elastic
-1 paper clip

Step 2: Construction

1.Take apart mechanical pencil----only leave the clip on it-----
2.Attatch paper clip to the metal clip on pencil----then fold metal things down----
3.wrap elastic around paper clip ----tighter the better...but leave enough for shooting phase----
4.insert pen ink cartridge as ammo... or anything that fits in barrel---
5.C O M P L E T E!!!!!!!!!!

Step 3: Complete

Now test your new pencil gun

try anything as long as it fits in barrel

good luck
and the 'paper clip' is called a paper binder
WRONG! Its called a binder clip
people this hurts the way i made it i made it harder and it hurts
Meh... Make a hole in it, glue a spring to it, and shoot airsoft BB's. What I did. It was funny.
did u hurt yourself?
get a better camera
get better pictures. but otherwise very good
I seen this somewhere...
way to be nice guys.
yeah hes right
this is taken from www.officeguns.com almost directly,
the "ink stick thing" is called an ink tube, the "paper cilp" is called a mauly, and the "elastic" is either a elastic band or rubber band :) Your pictures aren't good
kind of cool even though the footage is (i'm sorry) crapp*
It seems like a good idea to me. and u use pencils in class not pens.
u wack! nukka
they just copy other people and say it is better
why is their a flood of all the same stupid poo. in the past month there have been atlease 10 of these

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