Introduction: ~~~{ Pencil Gun }~~~

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Instead Of A Pen Gun Try A Pencil Gun!!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

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-1 mechanical pencil 5mm
-1 ink stick thing
-1 elastic
-1 paper clip

Step 2: Construction

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1.Take apart mechanical pencil----only leave the clip on it-----
2.Attatch paper clip to the metal clip on pencil----then fold metal things down----
3.wrap elastic around paper clip ----tighter the better...but leave enough for shooting phase----
4.insert pen ink cartridge as ammo... or anything that fits in barrel---
5.C O M P L E T E!!!!!!!!!!

Step 3: Complete

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Now test your new pencil gun

try anything as long as it fits in barrel

good luck


ZOOBREAK (author)2009-09-12

and the 'paper clip' is called a paper binder

pampro (author)ZOOBREAK2011-05-09

WRONG! Its called a binder clip

mr.gruntly (author)2009-05-11

people this hurts the way i made it i made it harder and it hurts

fishyfish777 (author)2008-04-08

Meh... Make a hole in it, glue a spring to it, and shoot airsoft BB's. What I did. It was funny.

did u hurt yourself?

mysticperson23 (author)2008-06-05

get a better camera

I love explosives (author)2008-03-12

get better pictures. but otherwise very good

MTL hockey (author)2008-02-17

I seen this somewhere...

soob (author)2007-12-06


icedog515 (author)2007-11-13

way to be nice guys.

jacksteal4 (author)2007-11-05

yeah hes right

Pepe (author)2007-07-15


PaladinMJ (author)2007-05-09

this is taken from almost directly,

Mr. Chips (author)2007-04-30

the "ink stick thing" is called an ink tube, the "paper cilp" is called a mauly, and the "elastic" is either a elastic band or rubber band :) Your pictures aren't good

FoiL (author)2007-02-01

kind of cool even though the footage is (i'm sorry) crapp*

15zack15ace (author)2006-12-25

It seems like a good idea to me. and u use pencils in class not pens.

grillz203 (author)2006-11-22

u wack! nukka

disco diva (author)2006-11-18

they just copy other people and say it is better

WesDoesStuff (author)2006-11-09

why is their a flood of all the same stupid poo. in the past month there have been atlease 10 of these

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