Bread Class
Lesson 9: Fully Baked!
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You did it!

Wipe the flour off your face, and scrape off the dough bits from your countertops. You've studied an ancient food craft and prevailed with super delicious bread!!

In this bread class, we have learned:

  • The variables associated with fermenting our doughs, and how we can get the best dough rises and proof by adjusting those variables
  • How to decide what kind of bread to bake when, and how to plan (ahead) wisely.
  • How to make the refrigerator your most valuable baking tool so that you may bake on any schedule.
  • How to experiment with different flours, leaveners, and ingredients to control the flavors and textures you desire in your bread.
  • Practice makes perfect! It's gosh darn impossible to master something your first go around! Keep making doughs and loaves, and share the bounty of your practice with loved ones.

The entire bread class recipe is available as a shorthand reference in this spreadsheet. There is even a handy-dandy sourdough starter calculator that adjusts the recipe from our sourdough lesson for any weight of starter you have ready to use.

Taking the Next Steps

Now that you've familiarized yourself with the world of bread making at home, are you ready to try more complex recipes and forming techniques?

Bread is such an amazing staple food and so many bakers are amazing storytellers! Here are some fantastic doughs, loaves, breads, and treats that are great bakes for taking your breadmaking practice to the next level:

Check out this beer bread from Instructable's very own jessyratfink.

This easy toaster tongs woodworking project by Paige Russell makes sure you'll never burn your fingers reaching for that slice again!

Take dough forming into your own hands, er head! with this flatbread party hat by mikeasaurus.

If you have some bananas on the edge of being over ripened, they are perfect for this banana sourdough recipe.

Noahw goes inside a commercial bakery to bring the best bagels to the home baker.

Instructables community author Garden Girl Recipes shows us that bread has a seedy side too.

Now it's time to tell your DIY story! Share your flour creation with everyone by showing off your process in an Instructable! Perhaps you'll even be eligible to enter one of Instructables' fabulous contests, and win an awesome prize! Can't wait to see what you make :D

Be sure to post your favorite bake from this class in the class project section of this lesson too.

There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands, of ways to make bread. This course has offered a path towards skill mastery, but only scratches the surface of what is possible with these bread making abilities. The Bread Channel on Instructables is a great place to get inspired.

This course would not be possible without the amazing stories, recipes, and tutorials by bakers, brewers and scientists around the world. Thanks to....

...Florence Arnaud, whose translated-from-french sourdough recipe gave me the confidence to experiment and learn from iteration.

...the Tartine Bread book, for teaching me how to fall in love with the simple science of bread making, and for perpetuating the mindset that the best ingredients and simplest processes are rewarded with time and patience.

...the LA County Library for helping me source great books and research materials. Here is a list of amazing books available to bread baking enthusiasts wanting to push their practice to the next level.

HUGE THANKS to the bloggers around the world who are at-home bakers, brewers, picklers, and Lacto bacteria enthusiasts for your tips on how to manage the factors of fermentation in any climate, for any schedule. Niche internet communities are fascinating, and the ones devoted to just breadmaking provide a deep dive into philosophies and opinions about all facets of the breadmaking process.


Thanks for following along! Hope you were able to build your knowledge of bread making and develop a skillset that will make you the belle of every potluck.

I'd love to hear any feedback you have about this class or see any resultant loaves or bakes (or really anything) that came from skills you learned from these lessons. Reach out and say 'HEY!'.



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