Getting Started
with randofo

This class covers the bare basics of metalworking. It is meant for those who have never done any metalworking before, but have an interest in learning the basic tools and concepts. By the end of this class you will be able to cut and drill pieces of metal, fasten them together, and polish them. This may seem basic, but is enough to get you started and provide you with just enough knowledge to dive deeper into the subject with confidence.

Nevertheless, when you are ready to invest more time and money into diving deeper into metalworking, you will have some familiarity and won't be going in blind.

While this class does not require the use of any shop tools. We will also loosely be reviewing them when applicable. This is to familiarize you with workshop tools that best correspond to the hand tool techniques you are learning. However, this is by no means training in these tools and you shouldn't expect to know how to use them by the end of this course.

Throughout this class we will be learning about metalworking by converting an aluminum tube into a teleidoscope. This is like a kaleidoscope, but it has a spherical lens in the end of tube instead of a container of colorful beads. At the end of the course, you will also be presented with an option for converting this into a kaleidoscope should you wish.

This project is designed with the absolute beginner in mind, and can be completed with accessible hand tools. With the exception of a hand drill, there are also no power tools required. This class is designed to introduce you to some fundamental concepts and techniques in a literally hands-on manner.

Randy Sarafan is an artist, designer, inventor, and founder of the Instructables Design Studio. Over the last 10 years, he has created hundreds of step-by-step tutorials on diverse subjects ranging from pancakes to self-driving robotic queen-sized beds. He has authored two books, 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer and Simple Bots. His work has been showcased by the NY Times, Popular Mechanics, The Today Show, The Tonight Show, NPR, the BBC, Core77, Boing Boing, and the National Enquirer (to name a few). Some of his notable projects include the aforementioned Robot Bed, some Creepy Teeth Candy, a Light-Up Color Changing Guitar, the Existential Emergency Phone, the Discreet Pants Fly Checker, a Robotic Drum Set, a Flamethrowing Jack-O-Lantern, and the world-famous Clap Off Bra. He currently splits his time between Brooklyn, NY and the internet. His favorite food is pizza.


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