Getting Started With Glue

Welcome to the wonderful world of adhesives. Follow along on a journey of learning about how to stick stuff together without using fasteners, hardware, stitches, etc. No holes allowed! (Well, maybe a few, but we'll get to that later.)

This class is designed so that you may explore the Glue-niverse by type, but without a specific course trajectory. Some lessons will reference one another, and if you follow along sequentially we will move from craft glues to industrial adhesives.

Each lesson will go over what different kinds of adhesives are made out of, what they are suited for, common repairs, and a creative project with that glue.

About Your Instructor.

My name is Audrey Love, and I'm pretty sure I can make anything. :D

I have been tinkering and crafting my whole life, and I was lucky enough to turn this curious passion for making into a career. I started visiting Instructables.com when I was working on my Digital Media BFA at the University of Nevada, Reno. Thanks to articles authored by Instructables community members, I learned how to read circuit diagrams, solder, and cast resin for the first time. I combined these skills to complete my thesis project, then was lucky enough to stumble into an internship at Instructables HQ after graduating college.

When I'm not working on super sweet DIY projects for Instructables, I work to expand my conceptual art portfolio, build custom electronics for musical performance, and map interesting litter I find in urban areas.

What Will We Be Making in This Class?

Before I began developing this class, I blasted an open call for broken things so that I may tackle a broad set of repairs, and demonstrate the capabilities of adhesives available in hobby & hardware stores. Each lesson goes over some of the most common craft and DIY glues used, then includes a creative project for each glue to really get you comfortable with applying all kinds of adhesives.

We will cover:

There are infinite options when selecting adhesives but these adhesives come up again and again and are the foundation for many other different kinds of adhesives available for repair and construction.

Let's Begin!

I chose to teach this class on glue because in all my experiences as a crafter, designer, fabricator, and artist - I have used a lot of glue. And I've glued a lot of stuff poorly - then had to actually turn the glue bottle around, read the directions, and start over. ;)

Folks have a lot of opinions on glue, and trust me, I want to hear them! I feel like I could go on forever and ever about the possibilities of each adhesive in this class, but instead, I'll do my best to impart the right amount of knowledge for each glue, and encourage further exploration beyond these basics. Stick with me for the next many lessons, and you'll be a glue pro!


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