Canning and Preserving Class
Lesson 8: To the Pantry and Beyond!
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Congratulations! You've completed my class on Canning & Preserving. I'm proud of you and hope you've enjoyed learning the basics of home food preservation. I'm excited for all the year round deliciousness in your future! :D

Here's some ideas of how to further your preserving craft:

  • Try new recipes using different fruits and vegetables! I've handpicked some great instructables for you to try once you've mastered the ones in this class. See the bottom of the class page for links.
  • Tackle pressure canning. It will allow you to can all the low acid foods that weren't invited to our high acid boiling water bath canning party. The book 'Putting Food By' is a deep dive into all things preserving, including how to pressure can.
  • Build your own outdoor solar dehydrator?

Just a few more of the ways to keep your pantry, fridge and freezer stocked with home preserved foods! :D

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Class Feedback

Please let me know what you thought of this class by sending me a message via my Instructables member profile page. If you have any suggestions on ways I can improve it, I want to hear about them!

Thanks & Happy Making!



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