The Raspberry Pi Foundation put one out themselves to honor the 10 millionth RPi sold. This kit can be purchased by distributors mentioned in this post on raspberrypi.org.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

I recommend a wireless USB mouse keyboard combo. The USB accessory does not need to come with a receiver because the Raspberry Pi 3 has Bluetooth onboard. This particular combo has one but was chosen because it is affordable and in this class a USB port can be spared for it.


The EzConnect is a perfect option for making lasting connections to your RPi's GPIO pins without needing to know how to solder. This is an optional piece because you can plug components onto the board's pins without the breakout board.

HDMI Monitor

Pictured above is a 10" display that is convenient for my workspace. A larger screen was used for the photo booth project. Get or use whatever size is available to you or that you want to you use in the final photo booth.


Share a photo of your finished project with the class!

Nice work! You've completed the class project