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Welcome to All About Meat!

When we talk about meat we generally mean meat from any type of animal, however this class narrows the definition to just beef? The aim is to get you thinking about types of cuts, methods of cooking, and doneness; and there's no better food to try that out with than beef. By understanding where specific cuts come from, you will be better informed about which type of steak you like the most, and how to prepare it perfectly every time!

Why Meat?

Meat has been a primal source of sustenance since neanderthals were roasting mammoth meat on open flames - probably earlier. As mankind has evolved, so have techniques of cooking. Knowing the difference between a pork chop and a porterhouse might seem trivial, but knowing your cuts of meat and how to prepare each one will dramatically change how you cook in the kitchen.

Ever cook a steak and have it turn out tough, or make a roast that comes out dry? You'll find the reasons and solutions to all your meaty problems here.

What you'll learn:

This beginner class aims to demystify the butcher counter, help you identify popular cuts of meat and understand the best way to prepare each. Not all steaks are created equal, some meat is delicate and requires special care while others can blasted on high heat with reckless abandon and still turn out great. We'll learn 5 very common cuts of meat and learn how to prepare and cook them to get the best steaks you've ever had...all from your own kitchen!

After learning the basics of cooking we'll introduce backyard smoking, bringing a new layer of great flavor to your dishes. A smoker is an inexpensive investment and produces wonderful results.

Finally the class ends on dry aging meat at home. We'll take a look at the difference between dry and wet aging, and learn how you can age your meat to bring a whole new taste experience to your steaks.

Skills You'll Learn

Cuts Of Meat

Meat Cooking Basics

Pan + Oven



Aging Meat

About the Instructor

Hello. I'm Mike, and I love food - especially the grill.

With hundreds of open-source projects, my aim is to educate, inspire, and entertain. I love learning new things, breaking all the rules, and getting my hands dirty.

My functional prototypes have been included on TV shows and print magazines all over the world, and reprinted in a few art and design books, too. I've compiled 2 books for Instructables and authored my own kids book, 23 things to do before you're 11 ½ - a book for young makers to do with their parents.

I'm originally from Vancouver, Canada, but now cause trouble in San Francisco, California. I work on the Instructables Design Studio, part of the Autodesk Education Experience.

I work on all kinds of things aside from food projects, like circuits, dangerous projects, and things re-purposed for unintended uses. You can read more about me here.

Ready to start? Let's get cooking!

The next lesson will cover the basic tools and supplies we'll be using in this class.


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