Meat Class
Lesson 9: Wrap Up
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You did it!

There were a lot of different areas to cover here, and you handled them like a pro!

This class aimed to give you an appreciation for how deep the topic of butchery and meat preparation is, and ways you can approach working with beef in a simple to understand format. These foundational skills will start you on a very rewarding path that you'll hone and make your own over time. You'll soon be creating your own meat dishes, experimenting with technique, and refining the perfect way to prepare meals based on your equipment.

With these skills, you'll feel informed at the butcher and be able to identify and break down meats based on your desired meal, all with knowledge and confidence!

Next Steps

Now that you've got the basics down you're ready to tackle a few more areas on your own. How about trying your hand at charcoal instead of gas or electric? What about swapping beef for pork?

There's really no end to what culinary creations you're capable of now that you know the basics!

Best Way To Start Charcoal

Season Cast Iron

Best Pulled Pork

Simple Steak Slicing

BBQ Chimney Starter

Easy Beef Jerky


Thanks for following along at home, I hope that making marvelous meats has been fun. I want to impart that working with beef is actually really easy, not "gross", and also a super tasty way to make friends! :)

I'd love to hear any feedback you have. Please, drop me a line and share your thoughts.

Happy cooking!


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