You did it!

Brush the sawdust from your clothes and reflect on all you've learned. This class aimed to make you a more confident woodworker and give you skills to continue creating and building on your own, I sincerely hope it delivered. The projects presented were meant to inspire you to branch out and make your own variations to suit your needs. Really, that's the best part about any creative endeavor - making something your own.

In this woodworking class we learned that there's loads of easy and fun projects you can make with simple power tools, and we learned the basics of a few techniques that can be widely applied to all sorts of future projects. With these skills in your toolbox you can approach new projects with fresh eyes and know just how to break down a larger project into more manageable bites, then tackle it with knowledge and confidence.

Taking the Next Steps

Now that you're done with some of the fundamentals, keep your skills sharp by getting started on your next project!

Big or small, there's something you've probably been dying to make. If you're looking for more inspiration why not try some of these other woodworking projects, all can be made with the same tools we've been using in this class:

Fireplace Insert

Easy Tablet Stand

5-Piece Plywood Step

Scrap Ends Table

Wood Airplane Toy

Scrap Wood Candle Holder

These projects use the same skills learned in this class and are great ways to use your woodworking knowledge in new ways. Get out into the shop while your keen skills are still fresh!

Get into the shop and make something awesome! Then, share your creation with everyone with an Instructable!


Thanks for following along and taking this class. My aim was to educate, entertain, and inspire - to that end I hope this class was satisfying and a success.

I'd love to hear any feedback you have. Please, drop me a line and share your thoughts.

Happy woodworking!


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