You Stuck With It!

You did it!

Peel the glue from underneath your fingertips, and turn up the fan in your workspace. You've surveyed the land of adhesives and prevailed with minimal sticky situations!

In this glue class, we have learned that there are infinite options when it comes to selecting adhesives, but the best way to select the right adhesive for the job is to read the bottle and make sure your materials can be bonded with that glue. Remember, just about anything can be turned into a glue applicator as long as you can control the spread, flow, and penetration of that particular adhesive, its fair game.

Taking the Next Steps

Now that you've familiarized yourself with the world of adhesives, are you ready to adhere your skillset to other projects?

Glue is so critical to so many amazing DIY projects, but here are some great starting points for your next creation:

Check out how jessyratfink's action figure lamp is super glue-tastic!

See how Paige Russell’s portable park is a great use of spray adhesive.

This awesome mikeasaurus project makes pencil sharpening a RAWR-ing good time.

$200 dollars never looked so good thanks to Randofo.

noahw's scrap wood cutting board is a woodworking classic.

Instructables community author EricRaines turns a USB drive into a taxidermied relic.

Now it's time to tell your DIY story! Share your glue creation with everyone by showing off your process in an Instructable! Perhaps you'll even be eligible to enter one of Instructables' fabulous contests, and win an awesome prize! Can't wait to see what you make :D


Thanks for following along! Hope you were able to expand your knowledge when it comes to adhesives, and that you feel confident in your next repair. Here's to you, craftin' and gluin' like you've never before! You CAN stick it :D

I'd love to hear any feedback you have about this class, or see any resultant projects that came from skills you learned from these lessons. Reach out and say 'HEY!'.



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