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salaryguide3 years ago
I'm in love with all of your projects!
KnexFreek5 years ago
Hey there! i love all your sruff! you have great ideas, and wonderful instructables. you should have more subscribers lol!!
farzadbayan6 years ago
You are my friend !
techturtle26 years ago
In the UK is lumber measured in inces or centimeters?
Coliflower6 years ago
Love your stuff.

By the way, you may want to check out


for use in your 'How to make money as a Teen' 'ible.

Keep up the good work!
=SMART= (author)  Coliflower6 years ago
Hey, Thanks :)

I wont me making a whole lot untill the summer though :(, might get an ible done this Easter holidays though !

See ya around !
amakerguy6 years ago
 yeah very nice new picture
Chromatica6 years ago
Like the new Icon.
=SMART= (author)  Chromatica6 years ago
thanks :)
KnexFreek6 years ago
hey what is that pic that is the last pic, on your previous avatars
u know, the one with a big rock
=SMART= (author)  KnexFreek6 years ago
its a photo i took in yosemite in california whilst on holiday :)
 oh. also sorry for the insanely late reply! LOL
yokozuna6 years ago
mehrnaz6 years ago
Im trying to build your robot racer, and am having a great deal of trouble trying to get it to work. Im unsure how the rubberband is suppose to get tied to the back axle. Can you please respond to me as soon as you can. Its urgent.
thanks so much
fan of the robot racer
ewilhelm7 years ago
You've got two projects on Lifehacker's homepage right now. Excellent work!