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    monsterlego4 years ago
    Vielen Dank für abonnieren!

    Hey man, thanks for the warm, tasty sub. =)
    Win Guy5 years ago
    Congratulations on being the lowest-scoring view count in the Total Views Count group! (Seriously, no offense, but that's what made me look at your stuff!)
    Win Guy
    thx for subbing
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    Hello! :D
    thanks for the sub
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    Thanks for subscribing, you are my 180th subscriber!
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    cool do i get a prize?
    You get listed in my 10th subscribers list.
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    hey guys join the justin beiber sucks group plz
    ~KGB~5 years ago
    thanks for subbin!
    (YOUR N (author) 5 years ago
    your welcome
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    Thanks for subbing.
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    I like your picture I'll subscribe to your picture
    Hi there! I wish you a merry Christmas, and a spectacular New Year!