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check out masterdudes guns if you want REAL semi auto.
crestind8 years ago
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Mepain crestind8 years ago
the people on this site cant talk very well
Bartboy Mepain6 years ago
Neither can you! "cant"
Mepain Bartboy6 years ago
Lol. This was over a year ago, remember.
DJ Radio Mepain5 years ago
lul yung Mepain.
Bartboy Mepain6 years ago
(your name here) (author)  Mepain8 years ago
wat i dont get it wat d u meen? lol
I just did a survey of K'NEX instructables (search: "knex"), there are about 90. That is ~3% of all instructables (under 'explore') 82% are for guns/canon/launchers. 56% are first / only instructables. 51% miss the apostrophe from K'NEX Only ~5% are unrelated to weaponry / stored kinetic energy (i.e. rubber-bands) The most prolific K'NEX posters are mepain & oodlumps with 5 each.
Try your statistics again please?
There are nearly 3,000 tagged with KNEX and 560 tagged with K'NEX. Bearing in mind some of these overlap, and some aren't tagged correctly, let's say ~10% of all (searchable) Instructables? I'm not going through them for more details - too many!

So you don't have any statistic generator profile lol?
Interesting! But under "explore" only 59 Knex instructables are listed. I would have made 'K'nex' with an apostrophe a search term, but it didn't work and most people probably would not type an apostrophe.
now there over 120