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check out masterdudes guns if you want REAL semi auto.
redrover956 years ago
i need help with the part of this that looks like a hammer
(your name here) (author)  redrover956 years ago
 I'm sorry, what are you trying to make?
a knex version of this sword it is from kingdom hearts
(your name here) (author)  redrover956 years ago
 Erm... I'm not familiar with it.  Good luck, though.
oh ok thanks
Can I maybe help you out?
yeah sure
Good! What part exactly do you need help on?
the tip part that looks like a hammer
Oh... ehm... That's quite a difficult part. Try creating it in layers, maybe.
yeah that is what im doing some friends are also helping
Do you have a picture of it?
here is every thing it is just missing the part that looks like a hammer
TigerNod6 years ago
Are you still active?